If you want to make android application with login and logout, you must watch this videos and download files needed below. In files i give you some code …




  1. Ramon Gajardo Reply

    this code is error, in logout must use this UtilsClipCodes.saveShareSetting(CustomerActivity.this, "ClipCodes", "true");
    no "MyClip"

  2. sahana valli Reply

    sir here how to skip the activity which user fill the details when he open the application for first time when user open the application again for second time that detail page should skip and go directly to home activity

  3. Majeed Khan Reply

    please show to output after coding, how will we know whether it is working or not?

  4. Templar E-Z Reply

    Would have been nice if you have ran the code to see the result 😀

  5. Can you give me the source code. I can't go the link which is you provided.Thank you very much!

  6. Maddie Cruz Reply

    where did the prefEDIT came from? It's turning red, error

  7. Shaista Nazar Reply

    shared preferences was never that easy thank you so much

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