In part 4 of the CountDownTimer tutorial we will add an EditText field where the user can type in the amount of minutes he wants to set the timer to. We will set …




  1. Thanks for the tutorial man!
    But is there anyway to show message when the timer reaches a specific point?
    like if timer reaches 60sec it will show message "60 seconds" left

  2. Mary Jo Dela Puerta Reply

    Hello sir! I just want to ask for the formula of DAY. badly need it. 😢

  3. What should i use if i want that after some certain time used by the user the app would kill itself?

  4. Dankeschön! I am using these tutorials to build my first app in Kotlin, a chess clock. Very helpful.

  5. mohamed khalifa Reply

    i maked first activity and this countdown timer is second activity . and i always open first activity . what can i do to close all app from countdown timer . not work for me > work only when open countdown timer activity . can you help for this please

  6. Mohsin Ahmed Khan Reply

    Hey thanks for the great tutorial, i am facing an issue when timer is running and i locked the screen then timer stuck at last position until i close the app and reopen the then it continues, any work around here to solve this issue?

  7. maclaren93 Reply

    Ty man. This is very usefull 😀
    Question… how can i change the code so the Input text can accept seconds, instead of minutes?

  8. erick vazquez Reply

    Excellent video but how would you do to get the time that is finally consumed, for example 10 minutes income and when you go back to reverse the counter in minute 8, only consumed 2 minutes as I do to get the difference (10 – 8) = "2

    Thanks, greetings from Mexico;

  9. Иоанн Ахмылин Reply

    My timer stops at 00:01 and I don't know what the problem is. Maybe someone had this?

  10. Manjunath Hampole Reply

    Future Implementation Suggestion:
    1. To show countdown in the notification bar
    2. Alarm sound to notify user that time is up. Able to select music from available music options(In Built).
    3. Able to put in multiple timer with specific timer names. For different purposes.

    Ik its a lot.. but would be fun to implement this. Happy coding 🙂

  11. Manjunath Hampole Reply

    The correct way to watch your videos are:
    1. Select the video
    2. Like the video and thank the god that this video exits
    3. Then start learning about android and coding.. 😛 🙂

  12. Akshay Papneja Reply

    is there any playerview having initial timer seekbar and final time only

  13. Elaine Liong Shih Wai Reply

    Hello. Can I ask why after I typed RelativeLayout rather than ConstraintLayout that we usually do on the countDown.xml, when i run the emulator it did not shown like the other .xml I have coded? A prompt reply is appreciated cos my project already at eleventh hour. BTW, mine is Android Studio version 3.1. It would be lovely if you can provide me a solution. ^^

  14. FahaD HabIb Reply

    your videos are really very good.
    i want your help in my project
    i want to use count down timer for an upcomming event in my app…
    for suppose the days left behind to the event is 19.
    and i want to use the time to remind every user of my app that how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left for that event to start…
    if u can help me Sir!

  15. Daniel Żymek Reply

    Hello, i've got an idea for part 5. When time is 0:00, then timer count up, like as stopwatch. Have a nice day!

  16. Atilla Selem Reply

    i really appreciate again all your efforts and sharings 🙂 as i said two weeks ago..u hava a real talent in teaching using Videos.. no any single word of garbage! all videos are really useful..ich weiß das richtig zu schätzen 🙂 wünsche dir viel Erfolg und freue mich auf die neuen mittle-fortgeschrittenen Android Videos!

  17. Tahfiz Tahar Reply

    Hi can make a video if there is 5 mins left, it will give a notification.

  18. Razvan Alexandru Sandu Reply

    Hello, can't find anything useful about ListPreference, can you make something about? Or, if you have a nice resource I would appreciate that too!

  19. Benjamin Ishaia Reply

    That was what i was looking for since months ..thx a lot..u r the best
    Now i will try to combine the Notification lesson with this lesson, hope i can make it work 😅

  20. Vladimir Mikulic Reply

    Wow, now way.Florian you really rock.💪💪💪

  21. Kayod Marino PH Reply

    please teach us how to add an audible alarm. thanks

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