U.S. President Donald Trump, alongside the Coronavirus Task Force, provided an update on the COVID-19 outbreak and response. This briefing comes as the …




  1. heinz meier Reply

    If you look at the bare corona numbers, I have to say: "I am proud to be German" because our health system has been proven to be one
    or is the best in the world. Donald "the unbelievable" Trump will surely have commissioned his secret service to find out why the death rate is so low here!
    Because of the United States have the best health care system in the world, they have conditions like ours in the 18th century, no continued payment of wages, no free basic care, etc.
    They call it "freedom", I call it the Middle Ages and a great shame!

  2. Amanda Ranson Reply

    Trump is thinkin yeah we're great were fantastic everyone is doin a great job

  3. So sad in 3rd world countries there are only less than 100 ventilator machines. 😵👈

  4. Why does trump look like he is hearing this information for the first time? Or zoning out dreaming of his golf swing.

  5. This massive scale of pandemic looks more like a bio weapon. Wet market and wildlife eating have been around for thousands of years. This doesn't make sense. Nature has poisson but at this level: it's made made.

    An organization has spread slowly around the globe.

    Ask the indigenous they still eat wildlife daily right now. Do they die ? No. USA trade war with China and suddenly this pandemic. What a coincidence ?

  6. Tucsoncoyote 2019 Reply

    Dr. Donald Trump, hope you got a TON of malpractice insurance tied up int hat wallet of yours.. cause if anyone DIES from the so called "Cure" you're spouting you can be legally held liable for the following
    Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Incompetence, and even impersonating a doctor.. ALL FELONIES!

    Now then do you want to have all that filed against you by hundreds , no thousands of people who take this type of quackery and in turn die from it?

    I say this.. STAND DOWN!!!!.. Let the real medical professionals take over and let them work on the soluttion.. Don't let your quackery KILL people.. and this isn't comeing form a lawyer but rather a REPUBLICAN.. a Starting REpluclican who is old and who is going to probably die from your incompetence..

    Now then Mr. Trump, let's see you tweet youruself out of this to your fans.. take your job and shove it!

    A very irritated Republican who just might vote for Joe Biden!

  7. People need2do their best not2take chances2infect others but also remember what ever doesnt kill u makes u stronger.

  8. nemonucliosis Reply

    The NWO has begun. One world government with 1 world currency on it's way. Microchips, complete marshal laws. 1984 in 2020.

  9. Trump looks like idoit. Everyone there fking ashamed to lift thier head high, after all this is over.

  10. He is, without a doubt, the dumbest president in history. He makes GWB look like a MIT scholar.

  11. hornandez smith Reply

    do you guys think he worked very closely with any representatives?

  12. Grizzly Bear Reply

    I am so sick of the Leftist media! Even now they still fight and push garbage and point out pointless things! All of you should be lined up and shot.

  13. The virus is out there killing people, and all the left wants to know is whether he's shielding his businesses.

  14. Bob Kozalov Reply

    Trump: Ventilators are a very complex, sophisticated, heavily computerized machine and delicate.

    Pence: Manufacturers tell us that a ventilator actually isn't a very complicated piece of equipment.

    A toothbrush is complex to Trump.

  15. All nations have to understand that they do not need complex and expensive weapons .It is as simple as that.But yes for know it is bad ,very bad and it is time to do our best.

  16. How many freakin shots of a bunch of people standing still do you need!?
    4:15 – 6:16

    Edit: secular government ftw

  17. The United States of America is the Flag of the Underworld and the Armies of it.

  18. Cathy Johnson Reply

    What could trump and his cronies have to say that takes an hour and a half. Everything he says is a lie anyway.

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