This video discusses how you can solve permission problems with Android in Cordova apps. There is a plugin that you can use to request permissions for …




  1. asim Nehal Reply

    thanks for the video. How to get the installed files from the android device. I didn't find my app files in android/data/ folder….. please need help

  2. Rajendra Mehta Reply

    i tried this today and only geo location is working. nothing else. is it due to change in android permission policy?
    I have used your files

  3. why use android platform 8 can't use internet or wifi on real device ?

  4. Kishan Vasoya Reply

    you made my day sir, after lots of efforts, i found you. Thank you sir.

  5. You are amazing. You fixed not only my location requests, but my event handler issue too! My project still has hope yet!

  6. Sankha Subhra Bhattacharjee Reply

    You are really a beautiful creation of God. Thank you so much.

  7. How to create a simple file using the file plugin? I cant seem to get it to work.

  8. The application does not show the dialogue.

    Can you give a full source for comparison?

  9. Hello there, nice video! When i'm trying to reproduce what you explain in the video, my app doesnt recognize "cordova.plugins.permissions".. do you know why?

  10. Limited Lifetime Reply

    Very simply and beautifully explained everything regarding the android permissions with cordova. Thank you sir.

  11. The only video on YouTube explaining this, thank you so much!!!!!!!

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