Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Cinnamon Butter Cookies.

Ground Cinnamon is used quite a bit in baking, especially during the Christmas season. Its warm and sweet, yet delicate, flavor is perfect in cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, muffins, breads, etc. In this Cinnamon Butter Cookie, ground cinnamon pairs wonderfully with ground almonds and vanilla. So good you may find yourself making these cookies year round.

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  1. Z a h r a a Reply

    When i roll and cut my cookies, they break apart. Also, I froze them overnight. Please help.

  2. Lana and fam Life Reply

    They looks saw good but how much is 140 gr in sticks of butter like one in a half stick cant you explain thank you

  3. Hi Stephanie! I have made this cookies a few times and everyone in my family just loved them. Thank you so much for your detailed teaching. Can the dough be made ahead and frozen? Thank you.

  4. Paul Davies Reply

    why not add the recipe to your written description to make it easier for us?

  5. Stephanie … question? Do you know how to make Sand Tart Cookies? My grandmother made them and it was a very thin crisp cookie with a pecan set in the middle. So good, but I haven't been able to master the cookie dough. Thank you for sharing your talent, not everybody can bake.

  6. dino devassykutty Reply

    What if I don't want to use almond powder??
    Will I have to add more flour?

  7. Septi Suryaningrum Reply

    Hi Stephanie! Can i use slice and bake technique like the one you do in the marble cookies to cit outvthe cookies? I live in a warm country and I dont want the cookie dough to be too soft to handle. Thank you

  8. James Spinelli Reply

    Can l substitute all purpose flour I’m allergic to almonds

  9. Antigoni CFH Reply

    i have a question and i'd like to know what i did wrong. i followed every step you showed and exactly as you said, but instead of having a thick dough (just before we put it in the fridge), mine was creamier and more sticky. why is that? yours, instead, was thicker. did i have to put more flour maybe? (i put exactly the dosage you mentioned)

  10. Made them as part of my Christmas baking, they are DELICIOUS! Thank you for the recipe.

  11. krishna Patel Reply

    I like all your recipe. I try to making most of your cookies & muffins recipe. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  12. Christine Jones Reply

    The recipe calls for ground almonds would I be able to use the ground almond meal that I dry from making almond milk, it would be more like almond flour, I do not blanch them they have the skin on them, so just wanted to see before trying the recipe because these cookies look to nice to mess up….thanks

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