You can download the final source code from here. client code (android) — server code (nodejs) …


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  1. COMFRT CART Reply

    sir i need help for creating chat app i will 5000 rs for the help please contact me 9129136108

  2. thank you for this video, it helped me. is this compatible with the latest version of socket?

  3. vijay kumar Reply

    you have also installed nodemon and "npm install -g" but you didnt have show in video so it is not complete good

  4. As you did to display the folder nodesockets in android studio

  5. Rakshit Segwal Reply

    Sir what is the terminal thing you did in starting that node socket
    Sreejesh pillai

  6. hello where is chat app example??? here is only connecting script???

  7. krishna sa Reply

    Is it possible to do file sharing sir ?? I have been breaking my head since the last two weeks and it now seems to me that its not possible !! Any thoughts on this ??

  8. Madhab Sharma Reply

    Sir can you post an example using webrtc …am having too much trouble implementing it in node js and android

  9. how to replace the version of socket io?
    now my version is 1.4.4

  10. Rj Silver Feussom Reply

    Nodemon dependency isnt loading on my android studio updated to it's latest version

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