Change the launcher and make your box look amazing !!!!


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Line Launcher:

Arrow Launcher:

Apex Launcher:

Nova Launcher:




  1. Hello Nice Video, what is the name of this launcher, I could not hear the name when you i mentioned it @ 1.05! would you please reply with the name of the launcher, thanks

  2. Andarus Muhammad Reply

    Line Launcher: garbage
    Arrow Launcher: garbage
    Apex Launcher: garbage
    Nova Launcher" garbage, some of them screen cant even rotate you need to do 2020 version

  3. AHM Ashfaque Hossain Reply

    What is the name of this launcher you have shown in the video?

  4. Liam Thompson Reply

    Hi Solo, great video. I own a HK1 mini. I downloaded Nova launcher but I can't find a setting to launch it automatically, can you help

  5. Need help…. I've got a, Qbox, Android 9. I've chosen a new launcher. When I restarted 1st time it gave me an option to choose default launcher so I set new launcher to default as Always. Now every time I turn on box it defaults to original launcher. So I tried to go to settings, more settings, home and choose new launcher as default. But Android 9 has limited Settings options and does not have the More Settings. So basically the only way I can get new launcher is to press the Home button on the remote every time. Is there a way to set new, launcher as default or is there an app that can set it. Thanks

  6. Gareth Rooza Reply

    installed ATV launcher on my mxq pro and it works great but every time i reboot it reverts to the stock launcher, any help with this?

  7. glovedcop69 Reply

    What launcher are you using you say Dodo but I can find that theme your using… What's the name of it?

  8. Superman Powerfull Reply

    Hey solo man where did u go I love your videos come back solo man dont let anyone bring u down what u love to do solo man plz I repect u as a person plz solo man come back bro

  9. tv box Tv box launcher Reply

    Trust me man this is the best launcher out there called TGS LAUNCHER on play store. Omg..

  10. Heber Tzib Perez Reply

    Whats the name of the launcher? Can you give the link to download it? Thank you in advance.

  11. Hello can you help me I reset my qdroid box and when I opened it the default apps we're not there

  12. Osama Abo baker Reply

    How to make the wireless keyboard mouse arrow bigger on the screen ?
    I tried to change launchers .. but the arrow still tiny…

  13. one of my favorite launcher is called unwind on the play store. the only gripe i have with it it does not support unknown apps or apk not found on the play store. otherwise it is a beautiful launcher for android tv.

  14. Robert David Reply

    how do we modify/edit the default home screen launcher? it has to have some options, what happens to the existing applications "tile" on the home screen if an application is removed? is the applications tile removed from the home screen?

  15. Maximiliano Garcia Reply

    You guys a effing haters if you have questions ask and if he don’t reply I’m sure someone that knows will send you to the right the direction that’s the right way to be

  16. Hi Solo Man. You seem to know a lot about Android TV boxes! I have a different problem. I just got a new X92 box and the mouse cursor is huge! Any idea how to make it smaller? Thanks in advance, Rosco

  17. Rudy V. - D, Texas Reply

    I can't quite understand the name of the launcher you are using on this video. I also have an Hi8 wireless mouse and keyboard the up,down,left,right button doesn't work at all. What keyboard,mouse are you using?

  18. Samuel Euceda Reply

    soloman un tuto como rootear android tv box quiero rootear una AX9MAX android 7.1

  19. Hello soloman i need help please can you taxt me your phone no that i can call you because my Globmall box after any kind of reset it picks up every thing on loading from bootloader.

  20. Rudy V. - D, Texas Reply

    Thank you for this info, my launcher is ugly. Does using downloader make it easier than the google play store or the stock browser?

  21. BIg Pete n Such Reply

    How do you get it to stay when you power off and on the box. Android 7.1 reverts back to the default launcher…

  22. Patrick Faugh Reply

    Has anyone had issues installing a launcher on Android 7.1.2? I've tried several and they either freeze, won't load or Windows Launcher will not acknowledge my air mouse or remote. Other than that, my box works flawlessly. Tried Nova, Google, Apex and Microsoft, none will work.

  23. parantap desai Reply

    i cant find the first launcher. Can you please say me which one is it and which theme you are using? thank you in advance

  24. Garry Heinz Reply

    I wish you would show where you got the launcher dodol als I like the one you are using. Your vidios are not thorough enough

  25. Mike Luchia Reply

    What is the actual color name of the Rii R8 in this video and is Line Launcher the new name for Dodol?

  26. when i download a launcher it wont set for me just reverts back to old launcher any idea

  27. Kevin Poole Reply

    I installed dodol or line launcher on my T95 Android TV box and the tv screen is cut off on both sides…how do you configure to the actual tv screen resolution or size??? HELP

  28. Dully High 1978 Reply

    How do you change launcher on new android nougat 7.12.1 ? no home option. please help..

  29. Justin Forrester Reply

    I'm having problems with my launchers, NOVA doesn't even work..i'm using a H96 Pro plus running 7.1, it keeps closing. I can run rocket launcher but i'm unable to change my background…i tried installing Zedge and when i try to open it it doesn't work it, it give me the same error app has stopped working restart app?????

  30. cinderella1952 Reply

    Is it better to use apks on an android box…do they take up less space ? are they faster to load ?

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