Introducing CameraX, a Jetpack support library built to help you make camera app development easier. It provides a consistent and easy-to-use API surface that works across most Android devices, with backward-compatibility to Android 5.0 (API level 21). It reduces the amount of code you need to write when adding camera camera capabilities to your app.

CameraX also has an optional add-on, called Extensions, which allow you to access the same features as those in the native camera app that ships with the device. The first set of capabilities available on supported devices include Portrait, HDR, Night, and Beauty.

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  1. Still waiting, and it's been almost 8 months. What a shame Google…

  2. Even Google's own Pixel devices do not support this. The image quality from CameraX API is not ass good as the stock camera. And there is no support for Night Sight. I do not get this.

  3. Chris Yates Reply

    Google, this is incredible. Now apps like Snapchat and OEMs like Samsung and LG have no goddamn excuse for lack of support. Amazing.

  4. when will cameraX be used for production apps ? as it is in alpha version right now..when beta will come?

  5. Ricardo Barbosa Reply

    There is no raw and camera2 API on my Sony xz1 😣 "why Sony?" There is a snapdragon 835 !
    if Google cloud make an Android that cloud download and use I would pay for the os!
    But sony pictures is the best of the Android the pictures are natural

  6. Izzet Kerem Kusmezer Reply

    Will you add video support, as video recording support is also greatly painful

  7. what's the point of a commercial for an api.. just give us a demo or something

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