Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale. This video includes first impressions + What you need to know for the new Modern Warfare Warzone Battle …




  1. I couldnt make it this time around, but heres some of the information we have on WARZONE. Confirmed.
    Releases in less than 24 hours! Free to play and much more.


  2. TheWonderingEntitys TM Reply

    damn im downloading it and I can't wait to playyy itttttt

  3. When I heard that you can't play campaign on warzone it broke my heart

  4. It’s weird I just downloaded this game and I logged in and I was rank 96 and I never played

  5. retrodaaniel Reply

    is call of dury warzone a free game to play ? or is it like a trial and it will be gone soon and you have to play thru the payed game

  6. X_UnFriendlyy Reply

    Hey guys, please check out my trickshot on my channel. It's worth it and I would really appreciate it. Thanks ❤️

  7. Gage Churko Reply
    My Call of Duty Mobile Community Discord!

  8. Ryan Shorty94 Reply some funny plays and reactions 😂

  9. 《_TeymuR_》 Reply


  10. loriparker666 Reply

    This mode already sucks… waiting for 150 to join the lobby… smh… leave it to activision to mess this up

  11. I have warzone but not the modern warfare game but it wont let my play battle royal

  12. Charles Couch Reply

    Don’t even waste your time stupid as shit I’d rather play fucking Fortnite they come up with some stupid ass ideas

  13. Jason Andrews Reply

    Anyone else waiting for Hollow to drop his first vid playing warzone or is it just me!? 😁🙋

  14. Carlos Martinez Reply

    My friend said he just got the email and it came it right now supposedly

  15. Omg…. When is release on PS4? And I played COD mw on open beta, will I have my stuff from open beta?

  16. DeathStriker137 Reply

    There wont be teams of 4… it doesnt work with 150 players, maybe teams of 5 but not 4

  17. Roger Valles Reply

    Why are you even talking about war zone if your not even playing war zone or not even getting content about war zone you fuck😂😂😂

  18. Shailendra Kumar Reply

    You do not need to own the full version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to download, play and enjoy Warzone. Call of Duty: Warzone is free for everyone.

  19. Simone Shinpaugh Reply

    Everyone with PlayStation… what’s the best button layout in settings?

  20. Thirty-Six Autømøbile Drivers Reply

    Operation Void Edge for R6 comes out today also. Not sure which one to play

  21. iKillZombiez YT Reply

    I wonder how many kids actually skipped school just for the update 😂 (I'm already at school at the time I'm saying this and I haven't been able to play ever since before the first DLC map came out 😕)

  22. If I don't own a copy and I download it, will I able to play multiplayer?

  23. Darth Vader Reply

    Hollow they have confirmed that solos and duos will not be there at launch

  24. I don’t like the game mode, devs? respawn and battle royale are two different things.

  25. Yeah if you need to download cod mw for new player
    It will be 100GB
    This shit will take to long

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