In this video, we will see how we can create a simple calculator layout using the latest Android Studio 2.3! A part of the tutorial series on creating the calculator …


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  1. prem chand Reply

    When I actually tried to drag the buttons, I was not getting the buttons to the place I want. Instead all the buttons are placed to the right left corner. Please help me in resolving the issue.

  2. this calculator app is implemented using the flutter technology, comes up with beautiful design and good performance like native.
    It has too many good features like standard, scientific and variety of unit conversions and comes with dark mode support as well

  3. taybaaslam rani Reply

    app nae kasae scale up down left and right tha laya tha main nae sarae menu main serach kiya hai lakin nahi mila kasae app drag kr rahae thae maira nahi ho raha so plz help

  4. Subhodip Datta Reply

    Bro when I did addition the app didn't work it went out

  5. lianes cag-ang Reply

    it is so educational for IT student like me.. thank you for this video

  6. Divjyot Singh Khanuja Reply

    For me, when I create a new button, it is not aligning with the previous button. Did you do something previously for that or is there something I am missing?

  7. Recerata Carcerem! Reply

    I know absolutely nothing about app development. I started here because I wanted to make an app. The problem I'm having is I made it to where you start moving the button and when I tried the same it would just move back to it original location. I'm not sure what I'm missing. I did everything you do up to that point.

  8. Aiman Dalvi Reply

    I have Android studio but of different version im trying to do drag and drop button at relative layout but the button always go to top start instead of placing like you do.Please help me.

  9. Joel Medina Ferraz Reply

    how in hell dows he get the relative layout from the start to work as it does?? I did the same and it doesn`t do anything for me.

  10. carlo baruffolo Reply

    could you send me the code of that calculator please?

  11. sujit burse Reply

    Dheeraj apko pura Android app development ata hai agar ata hai aur aap Maharashtra me rahte ho to mujhe call kare 9175088088

  12. Science Paradise Reply

    fuckkking shit relative layot is not working i cant able to move the button it again drags itself to the top left corner fuckkkkkkk

  13. Abid Rahman Reply

    In relative layout the buttons are not stable. After dragging a button it gathered in the left upper corner but in Constraint Layout the buttons are stable . Any suggestions ?

  14. COC Factory Reply

    Thanks To You Bro…
    Your knowledge is Good.

  15. Sandeep Maurya Reply

    Why every button automatically set to left upper corner in relative layout..plz help

  16. sir after installed andriod studio. gradle sync is failed to correct it

  17. Travel and Lifestyle Reply

    Hi! Proffesor DK
    Could u make a video about Calculator app include the admob advertising banner and Intertitial

  18. mayuri mahajan Reply

    how to solve this error "cannot resolve symbol 'R' in the activity_main.xml".

  19. Sir great video, but my question is, will this support different screensizes?

  20. Dibyananda Das Reply

    You are moving the cursor so randomly and so fast it's difficult to follow you

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