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NOTE: This game requires high end devices, the game will lags or crash if runs on low specs devices!

This game only has 1 hour flow same as the pc version, the update of this game still in development, Bright Memory: Infinite will released in year end 2020!

Download apk:

Download obb:


1. Download apk and obb

2. Install apk

3. Extract obb to Android/obb

4. Open the game and wait for it to load cache!

My device tested:
Samsung A9 Pro (Android 8.0) – A bit lag for me

Graphics – 9/10 (Forced to reduce the graphics to make it smoother)
Control – 7/10 (Buttons are too small hard to play)
Smooth – 6/10 (Stucked at some scenes)
Overall I will give 8/10, hope they can update to make it compatible to more devices and reduce lags, also improve the controls..

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