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  1. I think that's the right call for both UEFA and CONMEBOL to push their major tournaments to summer 2021.

    It's going be one awesome summer in association football/soccer in 2021: UEFA Euro and CONMEBOL Copa America to start it off and have the CONCACAF Gold Cup finish it off.

    As for the UEFA women's Euro, push it to 2022.

  2. SuperAWESOMEZack Reply

    This year sucks in 2020 My schedule is ruined:
    My trip to the Philippines got pushed till 2021 meaning I will miss Euro2020 and The Suicide Squad.

  3. Samuel1127 Lee Reply

    I got a ticket to the final. I am planning to use the trip as my graduation trip.

  4. Dark. scenes3578 Reply

    if the Clubs are more important they might as well abolish the Euro's completely like they did with the confederations cup

  5. Zulharriansyah Syamsul Reply

    thanks god, EPL would not cancel and Liverpool can win EPL this year

  6. Robert Marston Reply

    2020 a year to forget! EVERYTHING cancelled or closed! Unbelievable unforgettable!!! 2021 surely better!???

  7. Anti-Tik Tok Coalition Reply

    This is all because of the Chinese. Eating bloody bats and snakes. Shame.

  8. American pie Reply

    Liverpool are still winning the league. If chapionship is going to be played prem will too i'm sure

  9. JohnRegals HipHopMachine2000 Reply

    Another year to wait for Rep of Ireland not to qualify.

  10. Why is rugby still been played? It should be all sporting events surely?

  11. Милен Димитров Reply

    We need significantly to restrict the movement of people, coming from the worlds biggest disease breeder-China, otherwise any major sporting event will be under question!

  12. Paul Robson Reply

    This is all AGENDA 21…the New World order, we are getting cleansed by the government elite bankers

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