This tutorial is about creating the Book App using SQLite. I’ll use Tabbed Activity, swipe to change the page. Each record in SQLite file contains Id(as page no), …




  1. July Kataleko Reply

    I f someone have a lot of pages use for to set the content to the tabs.

    int compareNumber;

    for(int counter = 0; counter < 500; counter++) {

    compareNumber = counter+1;

    if(getArguments().getInt(ARG_SECTION_NUMBER) == compareNumber) {

    // getting the first record

    Model count = modelList.get(counter);

    // saving the record in a string

    page = page + count.getIds();

    chap = chap + count.getChapters();

    title = title + count.getTitles();

    detail = detail + count.getDetails().replace(",,,,", "n");

    // set int Textview






    return v;



    that solves the problem. you don't need to repeat the if 1000 times.

  2. ICrazyDemonI Reply

    Do you have the complete? Nice video.

  3. how can we actually add the book content in our app in flutter

  4. mohamed taha Reply

    I cant creat the assets folder cause the option of folder is not exist .. please help me

  5. Osarugue Enehizena Reply

    Thanks so much for this tutorial.
    Is there anyway I can style a some texts in the sqlite database? Like adding bold to some texts.

  6. android OnClick Reply

    helllo sir, i want to include pdf in assets folder , In this case there will be any problem.
    i am waiting for your answer.

  7. Shah Fatima Writes Reply

    can you please email me this project? or related project anything using sqllite n sensor

  8. Shreya Das Reply

    Atif mera yeh project run nahi horaha hai crash hojara hai baar baar but kuch error bhi nahi dikharaha

  9. محمد المحمد Reply

    but i have 500 pages!!!!!……… what is work?…….

  10. Daniel Mafile'o Reply

    Will the user need to have access to the internet in order to get information from the book if the all the text is saved on SQLite?

  11. wil the admin be able to read and write into the database ?

  12. Hello . this project I want to save the data in pageTv with shared preferences. I am getting a reference or no value error. If I do .String.values ​​(pageTv ) in theAccountData section, the load also returns null. I need this to open the last page but I could not run it in this structure.

  13. Mohammad Mandoh Reply

    hope u put a the opensource file for free to make us happy using it for education purpose .. thank u

  14. Rafael Monteiro Reply

    android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table: booktable (code 1): , while compiling: SELECT * FROM booktable

  15. Thanks for the video.
    i have a doubt not related to this video.
    could you please tell
    How to pass row (parent table) id (MYSQL) of one activity and show the (child table) content in new activity page-in server side scripting language PHP. to parse inJSON fromat?

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