Here is the H96 Pro 4K Android TV Dongle. A fantastic android tv dongle similar to the amazon firestick but much better hardware and software resulting in a …




  1. 2.4Ghz no good, must use 5Ghz with these heavy stream apps, if this had 5Ghz I would buy.

  2. Jeremy Gonzalez Reply

    Does it have a browser? I need one that has a browser so I can accept a portal internet window…

  3. I have the h96 pro dongle, the firestick 4k and the h96 pro plus box. The firestick 4k is better than the h96 pro dongle. The h96 pro dongle can lag sometimes. The firestick 4k never lags. Plays iptv flawlessly.

  4. James Valentine Reply

    look nice how can you sell something like that with out remot

  5. Will this stick run PSP game's well? I do believe the Mali T820 support's the Vulkan engine.

  6. swastik seth Reply

    if we are not getting any remote then how will we controle it ?

  7. Frank Losasso Reply

    It's a crapshoot if you go for it the 96 buy on eBay were you can have chance of getting some of your money back if doesn't work

  8. Frank Losasso Reply

    I have 2 the first 96 operated perfectly the second 96 was a pice of firestick is operating perfectly.

  9. stankypantz Reply

    Can u use a USB to ethernet adaptor since there is no ethernet port for a more stable stream????

  10. Rob Hoerning Reply

    please lose the painful music in the background, not needed!

  11. Florim Alim Reply

    I have problem with TV DONGLE H96 PRO 2GB 16 GB ROM
    problem with wifi I can conect
    problem with screen
    help to fix

  12. Brian Conover Reply

    I have owned all kinds of Android Sticks and they eventually burn out after 6 months. Migrated to Amazon FireStickTV in 4 different rooms and they work perfectly. Kodi and Add-ons install easily. No brainer for $40

  13. George Gomez Reply

    what Bluetooth controller do u recommend for the H96Pro 4k Dongle?

  14. Khairul A.J Reply

    Has heat issues. Will reboot or hang when gets too hot

  15. So should I get this or Fire Tv? Whats the best android device on the market right now or what do you use personally?

  16. General Teddie Reply

    U can play games on that reason i asked cause i saw happy chick up there?

  17. Reynold Reid Reply

    Impossible to re sync ip vanish program is capturing the firestick and cycling to the internet not allowing the bluetooth to communicate with the remote before it has a chance to sync

  18. Reynold Reid Reply

    Great Video I have an issue with Firestick IP Vanish captures my device before my remote can connect and tries to connect to the internet on a continuous. Is there a way to stop this or reset the device without remote access as there is no usb port

  19. MJ Rampani Reply

    Ok so for the past yr I've been following you…like what you do. So here's my thing…I have a. Amazon fire stick with elexa and remote paid $38.67 out the door US dollars. She can't handle 4K at all….PERIOD. I'm over it already lol. I spend more time adjusting my settings on KODI and my brand new 4K TV than anything.
    So here is my question….
    What device will run 4K and not piss me off that I can just hit a button on my remote and watch this marvelous TV?
    I have Wi-Fi and would want a remote also.
    So what's out there that can do it? Oh and is inexpensive?

  20. Tom Aragon Reply

    Keeps dropping the wi-fi signal……. any suggestions .?

  21. Ross Kennedy Reply

    got mine and it works a dream like. well worth the coin as i already hav bluetooth remote

  22. Michael Pacheco Reply

    Can you use this device to check email, line whats app, etc.?

  23. Alex Berberian Reply

    Seeing tons of comments on lack of 5ghz band. Unless you have direct line to the router, the 2.4ghz will perform more consistent compared to the 5ghz because of the issues 5ghz has going through walls. It’s why most cell companies fawn over the 600-800mhz spectrum because it can penetrate walls and other solid interference. If you have dual band in your house, just split your devices between the 2 and you’ll be fine.

    For me, the price is no good. If I’m paying $40 and not getting a remote, I can get an m9x pro or T95R pro that performs well and a mini keyboard mouse combo for about $52 and it’ll perform just as well but will have more memory. However, the compact size is nice and I don’t have to worry about where to put it. Tucks nicely behind the tv.

  24. Roberto Siano Reply

    Is it possible to use a usb-to-ethernet adapter on this?

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