Want to know where you can find the best Vietnamese Sandwich in Hanoi? Perhaps in the WHOLE WORLD? Banh Mi 25 in the Old Quarter of Hanoi severs up the best Vietnamese sandwiches we’ve ever had! Nate’s favorite is the honey chicken banh mi sandwich. Kara LOVED the veggie and cheese sandwich.

In addition to severing the best vietnamese sandwiches in Hanoi, the family that runs Bahn Mi 25 are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! The owner (I don’t know his name) spent 20 minutes talking to us and sharing his passion for home country! He genuinely wants more people to experience joy in home city of Vietnam!

Also, even though the sandwiches are only around $1 USD, the give you free tea and bananas! You really can’t beat this place! If you’re in Hanoi don’t miss your chance to eat at Banh Mi 25!

If you want to know what it’s like to eat the best vietnamese sandwich in Hanoi, check out this VLOG!

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Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

*Travel Vlog 78 of many* (& day 77).

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  1. In Asia, drink black tea instead of coffee. It’s great, and has the same canine.

  2. Zouki’s Playroom Reply

    I love you guys Kara and Nate! I know this is an old vlog but I think I finally realized why I love you guys so much. The cardigan moment just clicked in my head and I realized you guys remind me SO much of my husband and I (before kids..😂) Keep doing what you’re doing! You two are so cute and so pure!

  3. JoAnn Hempen Reply

    I found y’all about a month ago and I started from the beginning! It has been so much fun “traveling” with you. Your so kind and respectful of your surroundings and the people. I just love watching you mingle with the locals. Keep up the great work, your editing is fantastic! Thanks so much!

  4. "If you need some hair you can get it there". Oh my gosh that struck me as so funny almost spit my coffee.

  5. Serenade that is the ugliest shirt I've ever Nate Dogg I'm already had to regulate.my husband is laughing I had to convince him to watch you too but now he loves you both and loves me watching you but seriously that was the worst shirt I've ever seen and he agrees

  6. Free tea, with floaties in it! bahahaha
    Your vietnam vlogs really are inspiring me and I really wanna go there! Maybe next year for my vacation month 😀

  7. Phoenix Hong Reply

    And you know why KFC, Burger King…(Fastfood oversea) didn't live in Việt Nam! Milk coffe is best choice for fisrt time try Vietnamese Coffe!

  8. dancingwith terri Reply

    Anybody else at 2:46 get aggravated with his phone upside down

  9. Grace Elizabeth Reply

    Wow, this is such a cute video!! Love all your vlogs and you guys too!! I am a Christian too!!

  10. Just watched a earlier video of ur first bean bun/ pork bun! And yeah ur southern accents aren't so strong now! Its gonna take time to watch all ur volgs- in 2days i havent made it past ur first year yet😒 crap ton to catch up on…

  11. thefisherman6000 Reply

    The part where they went to the third ATM the machine said "Please take your card" before money comes out, I see the card came out but they didn't see that. haha

  12. Cute and lovely couple. keep watching your videos two days already

  13. 1911HeadBanger Reply

    Free Tea with WHAT in it?  Looked like a shrimp swimmin' around in there.

  14. something I have learnt about asians, ( I studied abroad in austria, and alot of asian people there) is that they like to share their food, for you to try !!! and the food is so good!just the food culture and the friendlyness of asians I've experienced till now really makes me to travel to several places!

  15. Rachel Sandstrom Reply

    Please show me where to find the magical folding fairy! I need one sooo bad!

  16. Binge watching your videos! OMG! We have money!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!👏👏👏✈️😊

  17. Kelleena Borner Reply

    Hey Kara and Nate Jesus has ONE CHURCH thats worshiping Him 24/7 with your whole heart and your whole mind and strength to lay down our natural life for the life of the spirit Just hope u find this truth in your life of travel .

  18. That's so crazy I've been looking on ebay for a north face winter jackets. And there so expensive and you're there and you can find them for twenty bucks crazy.

  19. Planes, Trains, Everything. Reply

    Your videos always bring a smile to my face. I've started from number one and working my way through.

  20. Love your vlogs 🥰…so glad I found you guys….obsessed and watching from the beginning!!!

  21. You probably had the Robusta coffee bean which is more bitter. you are more used to Arabica which we mostly drink here in the states. I believe Robusta is MUCH higher in caffeine. (love all your videos, thank you! you two seem like a really fun couple, keep making videos!)

  22. Angela Pang Reply

    You guys are so cute! Love watching your vlogs. I like these earlier adventures as well as current ones where you show expertise and knowledge about international traveling.

  23. Great vlogs! I found you guys when you came to my city Vancouver. But now I'm binge watching all your other videos, including Vietnam where my wife and I just went! PS – not sure if you'll read this, but you guys need to come back to try all the best dim sum and Xiao long bao in Vancouver! Not to mention the Vietnamese food, including egg coffee!

  24. Susan Mathis Reply

    Thank you for sharing the stress of travel tooo. Wow. U guys r amazing. I would have been so stressed out I would have been in tears v

  25. Jay Sopariwala Reply

    One of my favorite Blogs from your channel and trust me i have seen them all.

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