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Full Lethality(Armor Penetration) #Pantheon vs #Aatrox TOP LANE Build Preseason Season 10 Gameplay #LeagueOfLegends

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  1. Gregory Fulham Reply

    Youtubers never upload these types of videos, where they wernt handfed 2 kills to start the game. I love it.

  2. What role would you say Pantheon is best at? And what are your recommended runes/build for that role? I'm a new Pantheon player and you definitely look like you know your stuff! 😮

  3. MaskWarlord Reply

    An importand lesson i learned from this man

    Even if the entire enemy Team is toplane for the first 10 minutes of your game, you're 10 kills behind, and a nuclear war is Happening in your junge

    Dont Panic
    Dont Tilt
    Stay Calm
    And win the game

  4. Like an animatoh Reply

    Он такие English things шпарит, с таким то унылым видом

  5. Love your vid
    The unbreakable spear
    As a chogath main do you think hes good for new players like me?or irelia are good for new players?
    If no can you recommend any thing for me expect garen and darius?

  6. Do a jax build without a spear of shojin so we know what to build instead of it on jax since its gonna be removed

  7. Balori the SULTAN of League. You are the most OP BROKEN entertaining LoL youtuber. Always positive and confident. Consider me a fan.

  8. Lord Heskey Reply

    Bal fact: Did you know that there is no CTRL button on BaLoRi’s keyboard because no one can control BaLoRi

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