Best Android TV Box Wireless Remote Control Prices & Availability: The Remotes used on this round up were the A5 Mini …


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  1. Hi Reberto, is there any new updating regarding remote controls? I own the NEO A3 and i need to purchase another one since children have broke it. Should i go for it again or there is something better? I am used to it and i see it is perfect with TV Box but not with my LG TV which has something called remote magic which has far better real time response than MINIX

  2. Gregg Weisbrod Reply

    Incredible video! Really helped me (a newbie to android TV boxes) get a handle on what makes a good remote! I went with the A2 lite, about $35 on Amazon Canada. There is an A3 now, but ten bucks more and just has the added voice feature – which like you I have little need of.

  3. Arnold Del Rosario Reply

    Another great and informative review Roberto. Thanks a lot!

  4. Paulo Saraiva Reply

    I have the Mele F10 Deluxe but lost the usb dongle. Can i use any other or is my remote done for ??

  5. Matt Pritchard Reply

    I'm trying to find a real good air mouse remote that will put the Nvidia shield into sleep mode or shut the power down

  6. Can you recommend me the best remote with Voice gyro and Backlight (atleast monochrome) happening right now in 2019 ????

  7. Dr A. Gani Reply

    can you customise the buttons to the ameridroid air mouse?

  8. Rob Carlson Reply

    I'm going to go on to the next video now…….but with great sadness if the next reviewer does not has the same accent as you

  9. Virgil Todor Reply

    Me too I think minix remote it's the best remote for any android box

  10. Bob Wareham Reply

    Hi Roberto, I have the following Driodbox mini – LG TV – Philips soundbar – Xbox 360 and want to control all with one remote so with that do you have any suggestions please? thanks for all your videos

  11. carlos cast Reply

    Would be Nice if you can do a video of the best Wireless Remote Control for Android TV OS, because some controlls are not working well with this OS

  12. Tobias Hausner Reply

    Hi there, I'm using a Beelink GT box. do you know if there might be any incompatibility issues with any of the tested remotes? I personally would be happy to find a solution with Quertz, airmouse or touchpad & voice control included.

    would be happy for any feedback

    Thx & Greetz

  13. Harkaman Shivakoti Reply

    @Roberto Jorge
    Which one(remote with air mouse) is best for SHIELD TV? will back button on remote will works if we enter to air mouse mode?

  14. Germerican lybra Reply

    Hello Roberto
    Great video brother.
    Can you tell me what you would use and think works best for Nvidia Shield?

  15. oscar lopez Reply

    Hey Robert…..wish controller you suggest for nvidia shield tv ???

  16. Berg Tutor Reply

    Roberto por favor faz um vídeo de qual desses comandos funciona bem no Nvidia shield Tv, se funciona a microfone e a navegação, pois isso é uma questão difícil de achar na net, ja comprei 2 air mouse e não tive bom resultados no meu Nvidia

  17. Peter Beyer Mogensen Reply

    HELP! Just tried Mele F10 Deluxe. Works perfectly with my Shield. But I cannot make it learn the IR codes from my Panasonic TV remote. To my surprise I've read that it is not compatible with Panasonic remotes at all. And it seems other air mouse remotes have the same problem with IR learning and Panasonic remotes! What can I do? Any ideas how to solve this problem?

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