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  1. Knight Rider Reply

    All these boxes you guys review is no good get off of YouTube

  2. Michael Gale Reply


  3. sales video this guy just gets paid to do videos don`t trust him sadly

  4. Energy Nut Reply

    @t Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.

  5. Chinese knives Reply

    The best android tv is not this, it is Nvidia Shield 2019 pro.

  6. Sensei Ois Reply

    ill pay you 5,000 to kit out my home wth the latest gadgits

  7. Effect One Productions Reply

    Where is the review of 4 k ???? You talk too much …

  8. Anything to get satellite tv for a android wifi unlimited phone mirror to tv?

  9. Robert Xavier Reply

    Its very important to state which version HDMI port the Beelink GT has.
    1.4 = 4K @ 30fps -60fps -10-Bit -HDR
    2.0 = 4K @ 60fps + 10-Bit Color -HDR
    2.0a = 4K @ 60fps + HDR10
    & 2.0b = 4K @ 60fps + HDR10 + Hybrid Log Gamma for Pro Camera footage review.

  10. Michal Nrda Reply

    from your talk nothing results, conduct tests and show performance like AIDA and ANTUTU

  11. Is the android box compatible with the same apps that the android tv operating system has access to? Are you able to install File Browser apps, connect to Google Drive, install your own apk files?

  12. Romeiro Jara Reply

    do I have to pay a monthly fee so I can watch another country's channel?

  13. Justin Time Reply

    Thanks for a great review. After many checks we got the Formuler Z8 IPTV box and it's absolutely awesome:

    SMOOTH Streaming, SPEEDY Channel changes and Solid HD Quality on most channel too.

  14. Chris Davidson Dimpal Reply

    Is this compatible with smart tv? Thinking that maybe it will work only with Android TV

  15. DaniFilth84 Reply

    Hey bro, is Netflix fully functional in this box? Like in the xiaomi mi box s?

  16. Manoj Kansara Reply

    Can I use this box as a IPTV box to watch Indian TV Channels?

  17. Cassiano Bizotto Reply

    ASBYT, Actually what matters to me is that I need a media center setbox that runs blu rays full, either 1080p or 4k, and can split the chapters as in the physical media, ie I can access the menu of this content, in my If it would be blu ray music shows in MKV format or BMDV format, blu ray same, does it do this? I live in Brazil, how could he?

  18. OS is not the point, i'm running Lollipop on Minix Neo X7 (oc) and can play Netflix HD contents while this box can't, not technically but because just 480p is allowed for streaming from Netflix. What ppl should focus more on is about app compatibility and its fully functional. Even certification doesn't mean anything.Most of the stock TV boxes on the market can't have HD access, so 4K decoding on theses is just ridiculous and a stupid commercial argument.

  19. I hope I don't jinx it but I see some talking about their Shield dying on them. Mine, running strong 3.5 years.

  20. Paul Martin Reply

    Could you run internet speed testing on boxes ( I have 350 mbps Virgin but find that ALL android boxes are hardware limited to 90 mbps.
    I've ended up switching to a Firestick 4k because although less RAM and storage will support the Internet speed, and buffers much less.

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