Android allows you to customize the interface to no end and these Android launchers are the ones that you should try first. #1 Nova Launcher Download here: …




  1. Buzz-Lightyears MuSiC ChAnNeLly Reply

    nova launcher is the best launcher.. but i like action launcher.. it's so many feature and animation.. same as android oreo or pie.. inliike this.. but i found bug's on my htc about this app..😞

  2. Duncan Lucas Reply

    Do Launchers use more battery? Would I get better battery life using One UI rather than Nova launcher on the Note 10 plus

  3. I use Square Home. Makes it run like a Windows Phone, super customizable and quick. It's made by the same guy that made Total Launcher.

  4. Jordan Wheeler Reply

    Anyone who has nova the app drawer opens with a delay and it's stupid lol

  5. Вадим Чекунков Reply

    I have been using the Nova for the last 5 years. Solid, predictable, customizable, trouble-free Launcher all the way!

  6. I use to customise the hell outta my phone with nova. Now I just stick to Samsung's one UI. Samsung have improved massively

  7. Uranium Potato Reply

    I was a nova boy, now fully into Microsoft Launcher… Most under rated and who has windows pc… Damn! just use it 🛀

  8. Tarek Kiblawi Reply

    Action launcher is the best for its unique features. The rest are mostly typical.
    AIO launcher has some neat unique features. I highly recommend trying it out


    Hi bro I am Wilson which screen reader are you using to record tutorial how can eat both this place are showing

  10. Yea well i keep switching between Nova ,action and lawnchair and i dont seem to be reaching to a conclusion that which i like the best (gives me headaches lmao ) i mean each has unique features i love & If we had all 3 in 1 that would be killer !

  11. Charan Kumar B R Reply

    I have used all the mentioned launchers. I have used Aviate too – earlier launcher. I am also the premium subscriber of both Nova and Action launchers. 🙂

  12. Noman hossain Reply

    CPL BEST . ANIMATION is way smooth than other launchers..if you like smooth animation try out this

  13. Heberth Diaz Reply

    what is this model used in the video? Interesting to add this information. Tks

  14. Naseer Faisal Quadri Reply

    I love microsoft launcher, Hyperion launcher and Smart launcher.
    But I always keeps coming back to Nova launcher, it's so damn good.

  15. herman stokbrood Reply

    Since last year I changed from Apex Launcher to Nova launcher because of the heavy advertising of Apex. It used to be my favorite over Nova.
    TSF Shell isn't updated anymore for some years now but man, this launcher had the most fluid and smooth animations of any launcher I ever tried. Still looking for that experience in a launcher with the features of Nova.

  16. SeventeenTheGamer _17 Reply

    My favorite of all time was z launcher beta, because it was so simple and nobody had it, but its long gone now

  17. Tanthien Nguyen Reply

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  18. Tanthien Nguyen Reply

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  19. Tanthien Nguyen Reply

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  20. Happy Robins Reply

    Go Launcher used to be the best, I used on my first android phone back in 2012, now it becomes Samsung and Huawei UI

  21. I love using the built-in Samsung One-UI launcher on my Galaxy J3

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