Reviewing the best Android Launchers that you can download for free or a small fee in 2020. From classics like Nova to highly customisable apps such as …


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  1. Where do you get all your anime wallpapers for your mobile & Pixelbook Go?

  2. Ken Mathis Reply

    I have used many of these launchers, with Smart, Nova, and Lawnchair being used the longest. But about a year ago I stumbled across Niagara Launcher, and I have never looked back. To me, it's the perfect blend of elegance and efficiency. It's very simple to set up, but still has lots of stuff to customize, and a very active developer. I can't imagine using anything else.

  3. musicchick85 Reply

    Also not having had an android phone in years, I miss customizing. I miss fucking around with launchers. Which is why I’m looking forward to upgrading to the pixel 3a soon from the iPhone 7.

  4. Aydin Qurbanov Reply

    Hi. The CPL launcher would be a better choice for getting Stock Android images.

  5. Aidan Bazan Reply

    If only android 10s custom gestures were supported on third party launchers…

  6. Hey there! I'm a new sub of yours and have a question in regards to this topic. What launcher would you say is good for 'drivers' (as in motor vehicle operators) for people that really want to be safe while using their phone to get to locations using Navigation and Maps?

  7. Nicholas Jones Reply

    Great suggestions, got one of them, Action Launcher. Worth the money, honestly. The thing I like about this channel is its actually interesting, you learn s@#t…

  8. Dominic Tiatia Reply

    CPL has been my choice of launcher for 2 years and it's great. I love the pixel look but the customisation makes it look and feel 4 times better

  9. WorldInThe Statham Reply

    I've personally been using kiss for years. The ability to look at recently used apps and ability to type the app name and run it that way was really appealing to me. Plus it's super minimal and looks really good.

  10. Markus Hedetoft Reply

    Iam still using Nova Launcher on my Huawei P10 Plus. Old favorite that has followed since my Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000

  11. Rich Mulholland Reply

    I moved fro Nova to Action years back and haven't looked back. However, I have been flirting with "a decluttered launcher" quite a bit and actually enjoying it. It's lean AF.

  12. CapturedByKen Reply

    Nova used to be my go to for years , ever since it was created …but now I'm all about Hyperion

  13. I used Nova launcher prime for 2 years and I love it. I used it to get my phone to more like stock Android. I have discovered lawnchair and I think it's a bit better for my needs as it's focus to get a stock look. Nova is more for more wild designs.

  14. Is there one that has a search bar that can look for gallery files or something?

  15. YOloBoyKiTTy Gaming/Vlog Reply

    This dude smart he didnt put the links so you need to watch the entire vid to know all the launcher and launchers name

  16. You're awesome. I always like these launcher review videos…

  17. Uban Legend Reply

    I love using Total Launcher, you can make your launcher too complicated so that even your wife can't access your apps even without password.

  18. Norman Smith Reply

    I don't like the hard coded Google search bar in so many launchers. A lot of people are moving toward Google Go which is a version of the Google app with a lot less memory overhead.


    This guy be looking like murry from impractical jokers

  20. Adarsh pandey Reply

    Can someone tell me where i can get those wallpapers 🙄

  21. nychris ny Reply

    Man this was sooo good and useful, keep up the great work !!!

  22. iisouljaboiii Reply

    Pixel 4xl no launcher works correctly with Google's gestures

  23. Can you please add links to the apps in the description? thank you

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