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  1. Porcoddio se penso che la Juventus l'ha laciato a marcire per metà campionato…

  2. If Leverkusen can put 4 past them in 90 minutes what's gonna happen when they face PSG in the Champions League knockout stage?

  3. Dortmund can't defend to save it's pants no wonder they are more bottlers than Louis van Gaal🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. So the defenders and goalkeepers are only for decaration in Bundesliga?

  5. Lulu Luthfiyah Reply

    Good a team Bayer Leverkusen..
    Good zona League Champion🕵

  6. Akanji is the virus for Dortmund defence since last season, Dortmund board can spend on new attackers but not defence..

  7. UWBadgers10 Reply

    Dortmund v Leverkusen games are always exciting and enjoying to watch.

  8. Matthew Deveaux Reply

    NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT HOW Akanji just was trotting with someone in their box?

  9. Marc The Robot Reply

    Leon Bailey saved them at the end,tied the game then help set up the goal to win

  10. Jayden John Brown Reply

    30 goals in under 4mins … my 2019 season…
    subscribe & follow my journey…. keep on dreaming friends #coys #ynwa

  11. Sam Allardyce Reply

    dortmund lost because they dont have any world class wingers & strikers

  12. Frodo Baggins Reply

    Despite the loss, the 2nd and 3rd goal by Dortmund were very, very nice. That little backheel by Sancho… stunning.

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