VOICE REMOTE + AIR MOUSE FOR NVIDIA SHIELD TV Model no: RC02F ✅ New Link to buy from Aliexpress: …




  1. Brandon Spicer Reply

    For those people dealing with the keyboard issue for this remote 👇

    Access the Google Play Store. I used my Nvidia game controller. Type in Leankey keyboard. Download. Home Screen go under settings: Device Preferences>Keyboard>
    Manage keyboards, scroll down to LeanKey Keyboard (Pro). Toggle on, back out: select current keyboard select LeanKey.
    You're welcome 😁

  2. A lot of these 3rd party remote's microphone only works if the original shield remote is nearby. What about this one?

  3. Shravan Hiremath Reply

    Please do a video on how to program the remote ir learning

  4. Jayashree Hiremath Reply

    Can we do power off and on and restart in this remote?? Without ir learning?

  5. Madvillains Reply

    Just got mine and it seems defective. The red light just blinks non stop and the mouse doesn't work well. Also voice is hardly recognized.

  6. Madvillains Reply

    Is there any lag on this remote when compared with the one from Nvidia? I notice when I use my Logitech Harmony there is a slight delay.

  7. Ramon Sanchez Reply

    Have you tried searching a show or movie title on Show Box? The OK button does not seem to be working on mine to search anything. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  8. turkitotti86 Reply

    Stop working on nvidia shield 7.2.3 (last updated) after factory reset. I have 2 remote Rc02f not working on nvidia shield tv. Before it was working. No problem for usb port on nvidia shield and remote working fine after testing on TV. I hope you can help. Thanks

  9. Matt Koebel Reply

    Was looking forward to a decent alternative .. this is not it. Very cheaply made and IR doesn’t work.

  10. shekil rose Reply

    What's the name of this remote what's the Amazon link to get this remote

  11. Hi. I'm in the untied states. The remote ships from China. My credit card won't go through. How am I supposed to buy this?

  12. oren avrahami Reply

    I have the remote but has anyone succeeded in writing on chrome's keyboard with it?

  13. Kalle Kallestorp Reply

    Also have a (unify) logitech keyboard and wireless xbox 360 controller. Do you know if this product works side-by-side with other controls

  14. logam berat Reply

    Can Anyone get this remote to pair with Xiaomi Mibox3 (Android 8)? I cannot.

  15. Do you know if you can skip 10 secs or pause when watching youtube or netflix with either the original mi box s remote, this one or any other? That's what I want, a remote that can control what I'm watching. I can't find any vids that demo this. Cheers

  16. Donovan Wynter Reply

    Can’t find this remote to buy anywhere……any idea where i can get it to buy?!😁😁

  17. Mine didn't come with a USB dongle, can I just order one or is this one specific to the remote ?

  18. If you double clip home button does it bring up open apps on shield like original remote?

  19. Alan Hansom Reply

    hola chigz,anything new on where too buy the remote,thought it was going to be sold by amazon,thanks.

  20. Andrew Obeso Reply

    Just received mine. Ordered it straight from Alibaba. One single unit for $19.99. Free shipping. Works great. Thanks for the review. 🍻

  21. djjaniofficial Reply

    Thanks man, i tried 10 remotes and none of the back buttons worked on nvidia shield, but this remote does…ordered it streight away 😁

  22. Can you use the voice remote on apps like show box to serch for films

  23. Brian Gallea Reply

    Can you power the shield on with this remote? Or do you need to use the original me to turn it on then use this one?

  24. Christopher Yotz Reply

    It looks like this also has IR learning. Anyone know if the volume and mute can be trained to handle volume functions with IR on an Onkyo receiver? Also, where to buy one?

  25. Bruno silva Reply

    The mic only work when the original shield tv are on toguether!

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