In this video we will see how to use asyncTask in our project

Here we will take input from the user and process it through the server.
So here we are connecting with server.

There will be to editText through which we will take input and one button to calculate.
We will give the server those input and process the result

AsyncTask enables proper and easy use of the UI thread. This class allows to perform background operations and publish results on the UI thread without having to manipulate threads and/or handlers.

An asynchronous task is defined by a computation that runs on a background thread and whose result is published on the UI thread. An asynchronous task is defined by 3 generic types, called Params, Progress and Result, and 4 steps, called onPreExecute, doInBackground, onProgressUpdate and onPostExecute.

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  1. Muhammad Hariss Reply

    Stick to the topic you are doing. Try not to add unnecessary stuffs 🙂

  2. Huzaifa Qayyum Reply

    sir why we not use java thread class instead of android asynctask?

  3. jagabandhu pattnaik Reply

    really awesome sir you are teaching from ground level. I can understand what you are teaching sir thank u sir

  4. Corey Borders Reply

    I did hours of research, almost got it right, then you showed me the whole thing start to finish. Thanks for this.

  5. Vikas Acharya Reply

    in 2019 this is not working its gving
    doInBackground: java.lang.NullPointerException: lock == null
    response on post : null

  6. how to fix I am getting error
    I/System.out: Handshake failed

  7. Muppana Naga Reply

    how to check login details dynamically in android and only store username and password in servlet

  8. thanks for your video
    You can use alt+enter to eliminate errors you should just move the cursor on the error and press alt+enter to correct the errors

  9. Nikhil Kumar Reply

    sir, can we use the server what you have used for this project?

  10. Arpit Chhabra Reply

    I really liked ur video despite the fact that u made so many mistakes n it was annoying. U should use preMakingVideo() method to prepare urself. But I must mention that u really worked hard n thank you for that.

  11. Thanks for clarification……..sir, can u tell me how can we run android in nox app……

  12. Top5Category Reply

    Yeah we want server coding also
    ..& one more playlist …for Firebase 😎😎

  13. Sunny maurya Reply

    Sir please upload sever video no server from 2016 there is no video uploaded on android why you keeping huge gap between these videos

  14. Sir plz create the server using jax-rs and use it in android app

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