How does Apple Pay compare to its rivals from Samsung and Google? We test them all to find the best mobile payment system. Which one is better? Read about …


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  1. Which one do you use? Read about the comparison at CNET:

  2. Clark Pirrie Reply

    See I like Apple Pay because it gives u a virtual card. Although google lay and other ones don’t have it! 😩

  3. I understand the concept of a credit or debit card on your phone. Its very convenient and if you lose your physical card, it can be a life-saver. But, if you lose your actual credit card, you could run the risk of someone else picking it up and using it. I would just cancel the card to eliminate the issue. I love technology, but honestly I think this going too far now.

  4. littlerascle59 Reply

    1 year later…, Apple Pay is in a lot more places and mostly everywhere where it counts here in my small hometown. Now the only time I’ve had problems with Apple Pay not working is when the business’ card reader thingy isn’t working at all.

  5. Kamerton Audiophile player Reply

    I like it because it is a paperless receipt friendly.

  6. Dustin Travis Reply

    Check your dryer lint trap for your credit card, my license was in there! haha

  7. Blithe Dream Reply

    I’ve never encountered somewhere that doesn’t take Apple Pay, no idea we were so far ahead in Australia!

  8. Have you people never heard of tæpping?
    Just tapping your card against the card machine and dont even need to use the pin code.
    Stores in europe dont want apple or google pay because the transaction fee is so high.
    In Norway they had made it mandatory for the shops to offer tapping feauture so that the transaction fee does not go outside the country to greedy american corps.

  9. Robert Flores Reply

    I went to dollar three and pulled my note 10 to pay, and the Lady said " oh it doesn't do Apple pay" I tapped it and it worked. I Walked and said It's a Samsung

  10. The woman on the left complaining about Google Pay not double-authenticating is just…. argh. Do you waste so much money and do so much online shopping that you just randomly click buttons as fast as you can to not even read what the button you're pressing will do? And the one on the right not re-issuing her credit card is just plain dumb.

  11. Yes, the more seamless it is to pay, the easier it is to spend, spend, SPEND!!! 🤣

  12. That's what NFC is for?

    I always thought it's a futureproof way of sending files.

  13. I’m from Czech Republic and we just got Apple Pay but what I rly wanna know and rly use is Apple Cash or how it’s called but I don’t have the SSN thing so I’m jealous to America

  14. The problem is I can’t find a store that uses google and Samsung pay. Only Apple

  15. Only an idiot relies just on cards and mobile payments. You make sure you have cash on you at all times when the other payment methods stop working.

  16. I haven't carried cards for years in Australia, everywhere has NFC. I'm surprised to learn that we are one of the leaders in mobile payment

  17. Loses credit card
    Her: It’s fine I remember the numbers…

  18. Francisco Martinez Reply

    One thing i love of Samsung pay you get points and you can get spend them on themes fonts and other on Galaxy store

  19. We can’t even trust Google our privacy, how can we trust them with our money?

  20. ThE 1 BarbariaN Reply

    Going to set up samsung pay on my s10e right now lol. Touch to pay is very common in Australia where I live

  21. Mrs We don’t work with Samsung P-

    ITS AWESOME! It obviously il work!!

    But mrs, it-

    IT ILL WORK!!!

  22. Wow a month with a lost card and she hasn't blocked or cancelled it.

    Person who found it:it's free real estate

  23. Michael Hammond Reply

    I use CASH for payments of over a 100 quid. Why ? Answer is – Can normally barter a discount.

  24. Davide Bacchi Reply

    None: why does Samsung, Apple or Google should snoop where and when I spend my money? Contactless function on embedded in the card is enough.

  25. At 1:40 the samsung pay doesn't work because machine is apple and apple restricts samsung.

  26. Yet one more reason I plan on ditching my iPhone XR as soon as this overpriced thing is paid for!

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