A complete tutorial on setting up a highly scalable and configurable Angular 4 project with Webpack. Learn how to optimize your web development throughput …




  1. Konstantin Tkalenko Reply

    enviroment… ENVIRONMENT!!!
    File Name – it two different words. Why the hell "Filename".
    What the hell happening with developers, people who are supposed to be smart and intelligent???

  2. FrontEnd Miracle Reply

    Great work with the video outline. I wish every youtube tutorial would show one.

  3. Krishnan Shankarasubramanian Reply

    hi, can i get the source or this demo from any github to start my ang pjt ?

  4. RAJ JAISWAL Reply

    Hi how to use webpack config with scss and angular 5. pls create a sample on gihub and link here.

  5. Jeonsoft FaceBundy Reply

    Can you migrate the CommonsChunkPlugin to webpack 4? this plugin was deprecated and was replaced by SplitChunks

  6. Sergey Diachenko Reply

    CSS background-image not working in this Webpack config

  7. Johan Roug Reply

    hi. This is great. how can I use SCSS in this project ?

  8. Bokchee 88 Reply

    Really appreciate about this tutorial. Could you make a tutorial using Babel + Webpack with Angular, without TS?

  9. Eric Lesniewski Reply

    In order to get this to work, I had to add the following to the tsconfig.json files:

    "typeRoots": [

    This is probably not the forum to put requests out there, but I am having difficulty with the npm run webpack-prod command line syntax. I had to add –config config/webpack.prod.js to the end of the command in order to get this to work. It completes, with errors:

    ERROR in chunk app [initial]
    Conflict: Multiple assets emit to the same filename webpack.prod.js

    ERROR in chunk polyfills [entry]
    Conflict: Multiple assets emit to the same filename webpack.prod.js

    I have found a suggestion to include the copy-webpack-plugin from (have not tried this myself, yet):

    Has anyone run into this problem and/or tried a solution. Thanks. Nice work on this video.

  10. You are the first guy I have seen that is using serif font in text editor instead of monospace. BTW very nice video.

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