How to set up a project build workflow for an Angular 2 web application from scratch using npm, TypeScript, and Webpack. In this fourth part we add Webpack to …




  1. dnyaneshwar suryawanshi Reply

    Thanks for providing very good knowledge plz some one sent me next video link.

  2. Hanamant kj Reply

    how one to decide which package version to use if i am building from scratch ..assume am not referencing your doc file for versions

  3. Taruchit Goyal Reply

    When I run
    npm install –save dev webpack@1.13.1

    Output displayed

    Unsupported platform for inotify@1.4.2: wanted {"os":"linux", "arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"win32","arch":"x64"})

    Please include the following file with any support request:

    Please help in resolving the above.

  4. Shiv Kumar Agarwal Reply

    Thank you Mirko Nasato, best tutorials…. provides Clear ideas…

  5. Md. Faisal Hossain Reply


    I got this error when i reload the application
    Uncaught ZoneAwareError
    Error: No NgModule metadata found for 'AppComponent'. at NgModuleResolver.resolve

    How can i resolve this???

  6. Daniel Cañada Reply

    Hello Mirko!! Nice tutorial!

    I have a problem, when I use moduleId: inside my component decorator, i get this error: "Error: moduleId should be a string in <myComponent>".

    How can I manage relative paths for the html and css assets?

    Thank you so much.

  7. jomar barnobal Reply

    hi sir i got this error Cannot resolve module 'ts' when im running $(npm bin) webpack –progress

    im using angular2 2.0.1

  8. Aamir Shah Reply

    instead of moving <script> tag bottom of the page we can also use "async" attribute on the script tag to load the script after the page done loading.

  9. emmanuel villegas Reply

    thank you so much man!! your're so great this saved my life!!!!!!!!!

  10. So after webpack we don't need tsc compiler at all, or webpack uses it under the hood?

  11. Fernando Portal Reply

    I was all days looking for explanations for all the main parts setting up an Angular 2 app with Webpack, thanks!

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