Angry Birds Go All Characters, Unlimited Coins, and Gems.

Welcome to angry birds go gameplay. Angry birds go is a game developed by Rovio Entertainment, and it’s viral. In every level, You have to play all races and finish at the top 3 to race with the boss of that level.

Each win gives you coins and you can use them to upgrade your vehicle or if you have many coins and gems buy a new faster to complete each stage easier.

The game has 12 bird bosses. Before the race start, you can use power-ups to have more possibilities to win the race. Every time you win a boss you can recruit that bird to race.

Each bird has different powers that make the game easier.

In 08:58 you can see the race with the first opponent Stella.

In 13:19 you can see the race with Bomb.

In 21:50 my opponent is the Blues.

In 23:54 you can see me winning King Pig straightforward.

In 28:58 my next opponent is Terence.

In 35:08 I race against Bubbles.

In 41:00 I race against Matilda and of course, I win again.

In 47:20 next opponent is Foreman Pig.

In 54:48 I race against Hal.

In 1:00:47 My opponent is Corporal Pig

The last opponent is at 1:06:05 and his name is Chuck.

I know, I know I told you that there are 12 Birds to race, but this is the older version of angry birds go.

When the game starts you have Red. That makes him the twelfth bird in the game.

I finished this game in one hour and nineteen minutes because this is angry birds go modded apk. That means that I have unlimited coins and unlimited gems. I can buy every car and fully upgrade it.

There are a lot of hacks out there, but this is the best one. There is also a modded version of angry birds go 2.0. If you like you can comment and I will send you the link to download.

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