1st one finished this game – Wizard Piggie Turn Into huge red Pig
Angry Birds Epic – THE END
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Finally, After whole week of playing this game. It comes to an end , rescued all five eggs. it’s a great game worth of playing. Hope y’all like Angry Birds Epic Series in my channel. Please Like . Share . And Subscribe.

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  1. Darius Olteanu Reply

    Im the single person here who have legendary items in this level?

  2. Roslan Rassid Anos Reply

    I still remember when it was some kind of radar thing instead of a number

  3. Roslan Rassid Anos Reply

    I was actually here but it was too hard for my 7 year old brain

  4. Quando estiver lendo os comentarios eu estarei la Reply

    Guys we can download this and angry birds go old version at Aptoide

  5. Hi, I'm Aaron Reply

    this game is ot deleted
    just type in angry birds epic on google then download it

  6. Angry Birds Adventures Reply

    Every time I try to play this on my other tablet it says checking expansion file and I can’t play can somebody help me


    This game isn't easy, don't play!! The end is hard, don't install!!!

  8. N3V3rCallM3h babe Reply

    Best game ever i'm playing it since 2016:D btw i just checked in the goggle play it got deleted:"( but i still has the game so yayyyy

  9. PokeTheStrucid YT Reply

    I can’t even find this game anymore where did it go? Did it get deleted??

  10. Yes, it's undownloadable, but I still have it 🙂

    I kept the app

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