One of the most common questions I get is about grips on featureless rifles. Can we use angled grips, vert grips or hand stops? Support the channel on Patreon …




  1. Jamal Good Reply

    The government is tying to disarm us y’all. Bloomberg is at the head of it if he’s elected.

  2. joycejeff38 Reply

    If I paint my rifle white. Will that be illegal? Bc that means I’m a racist now right?

  3. joycejeff38 Reply

    How about having a flashlight? If you have a flashlight on the front of your rifle is that still considered featureless?

  4. Anony Mouse Reply

    Bit by bit the commies are desensitizing patriots. Drops in the bucket eventually overflow. I implore ALL Californians to invoke the 2nd and take a stand against the communist dictatorial regime that governs commofornia – the police and military need to uphold their oaths to the constitution and allow patriots their right to the 2nd amendment regardless of what the corrupt politicians say. The communists need to be tarred and feathered then brought before a firing squad – death by their own oppressed patriots.

  5. ShogunGlock Reply

    I really like your vids, but every time I watch one I end up pissed off, obviously because of the stupid gun laws and restrictions CA. has. Thanks for your hard work and awareness.

  6. California is gay as fuck, I guarantee this dude has at least 10 fully built AR's that are illegal at his house in case shit hits the fan.

  7. pUPPY Kicker Reply

    Bahahaha what in the actual fuck "Featureless rifles"?…. Bro you could have been a god damn lawyer with the regulations and loopholes idiots like you are skirting. I say idiot, with a lot of love, because It takes some wisdom to do this, but at the end of the day, you're a fkn bonehead sitting here with an encyclopedias knowledge of CA gun laws just to like 70% unfuck what the libs have done to you– just move back to America!

  8. Thank you for this video I appreciate the information. I just hate the fact that California allows so much bullshit but at the same time restricts people that are law-abiding citizens from defending themselves against said bullshit!

  9. I am confused. As a California Native I want to know why a grip has to do with whether a weapon is legal or not? Guns don't kill people, assholes do. And I live in Los Angeles California the home of drive-bys, and bullshit. I know people on my street that have Draco handguns but I have to be concerned about a hand grip because I want to legally buy a rifle?

  10. Matt DANJA Turner Reply

    This is soooooo fuckin dumb. Man, fuck commie California.

  11. Don Barile Reply

    I have an mlok handguard. Can I install a plastic banana on it, as long as it is not vertical? I already installed the frisbee to my grip.

  12. I completely missed the featureless part. I was looking for information for my ar pistol and was so confused about this featureless bullshittery. Looked in comments and realized this was a California thing. Lol…

  13. [REDACTED] LBC Reply

    Or you could just say fuck it and drill that third hole

  14. stormrider777 Reply

    I hate flippin hate the featureless grip. What did they expect to achieve from this?! Ruins the shooting experience. Not mention safety.

  15. Frosty cold Reply

    If I put a vertical grip on your rifle while you weren’t looking with your fingerprints with latex gloves on so they couldn’t tell I did it and someone else called swat would you go to jail

  16. James Fogerty Reply

    So, here is the thing// i live in calif. been told that i can go to Reno and purchase a long gun and ammo.. what’s the truth?

  17. Can you review the Ledesma Arms California compliment grip please.

  18. Jesus Murillo Reply

    Does my muzzle break have to be welded or pinned on my featureless rifle?

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