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  1. Get me to 1000 Subs with no vids Reply

    My personal opinion is that if your new to the game you should always use vertical grip and try to teach your to control it then when you feel ready start using angled grip, EXPECT on Mira, Ella and twitch. They're recoil is just annoying always keep veritcal on those guys. 👍

  2. Didn't Rogue 9 say angled grip reduces recoil by 15%? I'm not sure since recoil without a grip at all wasn't included.

  3. I just recently changed every gun that had the angle grip available, over from the vertical grip. I got tired of getting killed in the middle of ADS! Great vid as usual and thank you@

  4. Lee McLaren Reply

    In sensitivity settings there is an Aim Down sight sensitivity.. what is this for?

  5. Cooki3_ Th1ef Reply

    Then there's Jackal with such low recoil and fast ads time that you don't even need a grip

  6. VulpeRenard Reply

    … I was really hoping they realized how stupid predictive recoil patterns was and decided NOT to implement it.

  7. Rogue-9 has a very good video on the topic with lots of tests and numbers. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a more detailed explanation. Otherwise, great video as always, Pete. Happy New Year!

  8. Why the fuck did you choose a fkin wall we can't see the impacts on ?

  9. Lord Tachanka Reply

    Gods doesn’t need a grip when he has his own Godlike powers…

  10. If Ubisoft adds another Grip into the game, should it be a Stubby Grip, Potato Grip or Folding Grip?

  11. IQ‘s commando has such an ugly recoil pattern… it just feels so weird, especially with an angled grip.

  12. Thank You!
    I'm personally looking forward to a beefy upload when the overhauls finally go live <3

  13. Jose Villeda-Lira Reply

    I use angled grips on most of my weapons since I have pretty good recoil control

  14. Jordan Hope Reply

    Just realised, but when predictable recoil rolls out, angled grips are going to be ridiculously good.

  15. that’s 1 reason why we needed the predictable AR recoil, I just don’t know why no one liked that recoil or why Ubi decided not to do it. I know some of them are off and are exactly the same but If UBISOFT makes predictable recoil for each gun then “test” youtubers will have less of a hard time + you will get kills by skill and not by luck because the RGM is not random also for the dot alignment (dot of the scope / center)
    it fixes that problem, there’s many problems in the game – rollbacks -hit registration -RGM alignment … and many more

  16. Actedstream 41 Reply

    Now it seems that Ubisoft is giving every new operators gun both the vertical and angled grip, hopefully they will give the angled grip to some older gun

  17. Luis Fermin Reply

    I knew the function of the vertical grip but not the other one. ❤️👍Thanks again man, always the best. And when is the give away?

  18. McCauley60 McMan60 Reply

    I prefer the angled grip on Ela because accuracy doesn’t matter when you have 30 more shots😂

  19. Lewi Davies Reply

    Hey Pete, when are you going to do another video which are your thoughts on our operator ideas?

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