This is how you get gold without buying them! Be in level 21 to do this then u will succeed ! A daily Aos series be sure to like comment and subscribe.




  1. ณัฐชยา พันแล Reply


  2. Bradley ._. Reply

    Thank you but for everyone asking I’m pretty sure it only works on that one

  3. Michael Okeke Reply

    I farmed this for 1 month and I got over1billion gold

  4. follow me on insta neofortnite_456 Reply

    I did it and my game broke 😂😂😂

  5. Omar Hamdy Reply

    Ok if we want to get 120,000 coins for the robot or we want gems to upgrade our things

  6. marcello willson Reply

    I think grenade throwers is not always need to be in lvl 21 but its still works

  7. XxBabyMegalodonxX 247 Reply

    Imagine the loot you will get if the dinosaur glitch is still here with this glitch

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