Angel Becomes Archangel Scene | X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip 4K -Copyright(©) And Credits: TM & © FOX (2016) -Cast: James McAvoy,Michael …




  1. Avinaba Roy Chowdhury Reply

    It’s a shame how they ended him in x men apocalypse. That dudes like a founding member of the team

  2. lovveeee how this scene reminds me of billy hardgrove from stranger things!!! ;))))))))))

  3. Mystery Gaming Reply

    Isn’t he the one who’s dad makes the cure for mutants in the originals?

  4. Fantasmos…it's a never ending story with grooves of the inside with you guys …haha

  5. Joy Zafe Rodriguez Reply

    Boom! Don't call me ANGEL you can't pay my price came from the heaven yeah you heard me right (yeah you heard me) even though we know we fly (yeah you heard me) DON'T CALL ME ANGEL

  6. All I could think was how will he grow back metal feathers after shooting them out like that…..

  7. Ty Roberts Reply

    do i like his wing design: yes , do i like how hardcore he is: of corse i do , do i like that he's evil : NO , NO I DON'T

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