The official how to for the Aneros sexual sexual enhancer from Aneros is not just another buttplug, it is a hightech ergonomically and …




  1. icabodcranium Reply

    This does nothing to show me how to use the damn thing. I am starting to feel like a confused homo. Good thing I quit drinking or I'm sure someone would've found me passed out with this thing stuck up my ass by now.

  2. @fess04

    That's what happens when you have a frigid bitch with no expression of any sexuality.. Then again you're probably just some fucking 14 y/o kid anyway..

  3. @DanLetts97

    Yeah what about all the reviews and real life guys who have used it for years? It's morons like you who think the everyone is the same as yourself.. Get a clue dummy everyone dont have the same arse as you do..

  4. underwatercinema Reply

    This is no hype, but you get out of it what you put in. I've had mind blowing orgasms using this puppy, and my overall sex life has improved.

  5. Im with you. I mean there is no way that this chick would dig it if stuck this up there lookin for my analitis tryin to get some extra ejac goin from my prostatis. Shed probably giggle and run for the hills. This is total fungholio.

  6. This thing is the biggest scam on the market. I've spent months trying to get it to do something. I have followed all the rules and everything. Trust me, it does nothing.

  7. Samantha Toxx Reply

    i love my aneros, ive had orgasms ive never dreamed about in my life

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