In this video we will learn about volley library. How to fetch data using webservices in android? Simple tutorial covering networking in Android. Once we get the data using Android Volley’s Library – we will parse that json response using Google’s GSON library. JSON Response is converted to Plain old java objects i.e. POJO. jsonSchemaToPojo is used to create POJO class from json string.

Topics covered –

1. How to fetch data from webservices using Volley?
2. Why use libraries like Volley and Retrofit?
3. Volley String Request and Request Queue?
4. Volley Working Example using Github API
5. JSON to Java Objects i.e. Parsing JSON Response to POJO
6. Use of GSON library – Gson Builder and fromJSON method

Learn everything about networking in android from scratch in Hindi.

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Learn all this in Hindi (हिंदी में )

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