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  1. The Nazi German CountryBallCountryHuman Reply

    Wait, does every device has a safe mode?

  2. Ultrathemeus Reply

    I think the scren is going crazy because badoink’s payloads only work on portrait whilst X86 doesn’t use portrait

  3. It tricks the OS to think it is in a different screen mode, like upside down or landscape

  4. Loh Dexstex Reply

    For Samsung users,restart and keep pressing volume down button while it boots
    Sometimes,you should press the button on the home button left

  5. Kaja Silber Reply

    Did you know that original .apk file name is animalporn.apk?

  6. Patka Patka Reply

    Last year i had virus that kinda scared me… I downloaded one game from internet and then site told me "If you wanna to download App you are looking for you must download this App for bigger security while downloading apps". I downloaded game and that App and when it pops up "App downloaded" i could only click open and not finished. When i opened App it was looking normal first 2 minutes so i left app. When i opened game it was all normal game and i played it but after 5 minutes of playing game told me"if you wanna continue go to (that App i downloaded), click run and then come back to game for security. I did it and when i came back in game it was just red… All red with flashing black color. I tried to leave App but it won't Let me! I tried to turn my phone off but it won't left me too! When i tried to restart phone clown poped up and said "Don't leave me" and did it for million times so i decided to get my battery out of my phone and then i gave phone to my dad. He bring it to place where we bought phone and they helped me but they restarst whole phonr

  7. I have a way to long name - Techguy Reply

    subscribes 6 weeks later: I do not like this channel now trys to unsub Youtube: YOU CAN NOT UNSUB!!!!

  8. Alex Bălan Reply

    This virus makes auto-rotate going crazy and make sure If your device has Safe Mode like pressing restart or shutting down button and remove the virus and If You don't have safe mode on your device do hard reset the device on recovery mode or sync to your pc or laptop and find a virus file and delete it and the virus map

  9. BaDoink is a porn app

    so, it targeted to porn addicted people, wow.

  10. Can you please make a video to fix when a android device goes from landscape screen to a portrait screen and gives a black screen? Please!!

  11. Redstonian101 Reply

    I saw RougeAmp download a working version (maybe your androin ver. is incompatible with the virus)

  12. Loh Dexstex Reply

    There also have a thing "Safe Mode" located on the Right Bottom

  13. Loh Dexstex Reply

    For Ice Cream Sandwich or better,on the noftication bar you will see "disable Safe Mode" click ant press OK and the device automatically reboot with the Safe Mode off

  14. Loh Dexstex Reply

    When you accindently boot to Safe Mode and you cant use a downloaded app,to disable it (Android Ice Cream Sandwich),Power off the device wait for 30 secs and booths and it works (Tried on a S2)

  15. And I've heard that "BaDoink" virus is just +18 content. I'm jjst saying, not like being a horny guy

  16. SummerShameimaru Reply

    So it just messed with your display? That's kinda cool actually

  17. EclipticSaiyan Hand Reply

    What were you doing on BaDoink( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. SkilledTheGamer Reply

    +Flytech Video how did u get that google vericaition

  19. No Limits Ripper TV Reply

    Welp, this is why android devices give attentions for internet downloads

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