Fantastic way to easily copy and paste links using your Android phone and have a full remote control for your Android device! CLICK HERE TO INSTALL: _________________________________________________________________ How to install the Misfit Mods Wizard and a Full walkthrough of everything it offers! The URL is _________________________________________________________________ You can join us at our Misfits Google Plus Group to stay up to date to any and all changes here: _________________________________________________________________ PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE at and PLEASE JOIN OUR ETERNAL TV FACEBOOK: _________________________________________________________________ PRICES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1 Month $5 – 1 connection
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  1. Paddy O'Neill Reply

    Guys follow up if anyone else comes across this problem. Connected a physical USB Keyboard and you'll be able to enter text again if you're connecting to your network.

  2. Paddy O'Neill Reply

    I'm getting the exact same problem except I'm trying to enter our network password and it won't send over to the TV! TV now off the network. Reluctant to patch it in as this is just a real basic and vital app functionality . Have sent a feedback report to Google. Anyone else had this problem or have any workarounds?

  3. Everything works except the keyboard…

    Tried to type an artist into the Spotify app and never showed up on the screen

  4. jerson manuel Reply

    Pairing to my Mi box S is a breeze, super fast response everytime i press a button on my android phone. But where is the volume control?

  5. Alejandro Sudiro Reply

    I can’t use the keyboard in the app to enter key word for search in youtube. Can you show how? It would be useful

  6. Pedro de Almeida Reply

    That launcher on the android tv looks great. Is it available for download?

  7. DKMangaluru Reply

    we need to install Android tv remote control app on both devices what??? pls reply quickly.. how to pair it????

  8. Was there anything special required to get the Fire TV to show up as a device?

  9. Narersh Gandla Reply

    Why want to Onida smart TV Bluetooth device remote controller

  10. Nadeem Shaikh Reply

    Any option for H96 PRO+ android box?
    It's not working for that!!

  11. Dipok Barua Reply

    Hey, does this app work if my android TV is not connected to a WiFi network or doesn't have a bluetooth connection?

  12. Ibrahim Khan Reply

    thx for video ,its works on my android tv ..but you didnt showed properly how to copy ?you just showed how to paste ?

  13. Victor Kalfabun Reply

    Great! It works on my Nvidia Shield, Do you know any Android gamepad app for Nvidia Shield?

  14. Poetik Dcyple Reply


  15. Hi Aldren, I'm looking for a way to make an android phone a TV remote just by using the android keyboard (of course, the android phone would be connected to the TV hotspot).

  16. Craig Montgomery Reply

    When I try to install this, I get to the "Welcome to Android TV Remote" page, but there is NO "continue" button at the bottom, and it just freezes there.

  17. iRalphPlayZ Reply

    Is it also available for X96 Mini? It didn't kind of work with my device

  18. Thanks for all your help. Is there a remote you can recommend for an iPhone? Or will it not be compatible?

  19. Andrea Mitchell Reply

    this app sucks
    it doesn't even have an on/off button if you loose the remote you are still fucked especially if you have a mi box you still can't turn it on or off.
    Wow just wow what fucking genius thought a TV remote app doesn't need a simple on/off button , this level of mental retardation should not even be possible , common fucking google sense put a fucking on/off button one that switches the box on and off and the TV also if it has CEC and the CEC is enabled

    you can't eve use the microphone to just say tv on or tv off or on or off switch the box on or off
    but i guess this is what your get from a company owned and run by jews who discriminate against whites and who only hire turd world street shitters

  20. Adarsh Vadaje Reply

    Ek aisa video banao jisme
    Agar hum ek specific number se call kare apne android ko to hamara android lock hona chahiye

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