Android Tv On PC Quick Look / Overview And YouTube test Android TV X86 Today I test Android Tv x86 on my OptiPlex 990 desktop PC Geek Till It Hertz …




  1. KarlosFirst Carlos Reply

    I installed it fine but no wifi connection, the wifi is disabled and I have no way to turn it on very sad

  2. Rahul Prasad Reply

    Why cant you sideload google play itself, and also does netfix work??

  3. SPL PuroOne Reply

    I had a sunspider benchmark too. want compare?

    i using smartphone, Oppo A37 2GB Ram 16GB Rom ColorOS 3.0.i android 5.1.1

    Link Compare"v":%20"sunspider-1.0.2",%20"3d-cube":%5B80,72,97,86,84,97,79,93,85,100%5D,"3d-morph":%5B64,63,63,63,63,64,63,65,64,63%5D,"3d-raytrace":%5B108,94,81,113,119,107,109,106,113,112%5D,"access-binary-trees":%5B10,10,9,10,10,10,11,12,10,10%5D,"access-fannkuch":%5B51,42,43,44,45,45,44,43,43,47%5D,"access-nbody":%5B23,19,19,24,23,23,25,23,26,23%5D,"access-nsieve":%5B19,16,17,18,17,18,17,17,18,20%5D,"bitops-3bit-bits-in-byte":%5B9,9,9,8,8,9,8,9,8,9%5D,"bitops-bits-in-byte":%5B18,16,17,17,18,17,17,17,17,17%5D,"bitops-bitwise-and":%5B24,24,24,25,24,24,24,25,24,23%5D,"bitops-nsieve-bits":%5B27,27,26,26,28,31,26,26,27,28%5D,"controlflow-recursive":%5B12,14,12,13,13,12,13,13,14,13%5D,"crypto-aes":%5B51,51,42,49,50,50,51,48,48,48%5D,"crypto-md5":%5B35,57,34,34,35,34,34,34,35,34%5D,"crypto-sha1":%5B34,27,36,31,31,36,32,31,31,32%5D,"date-format-tofte":%5B101,93,123,100,106,107,101,114,101,100%5D,"date-format-xparb":%5B104,100,101,98,100,99,100,97,96,98%5D,"math-cordic":%5B32,31,32,44,32,38,31,31,32,33%5D,"math-partial-sums":%5B75,57,80,78,76,69,75,73,73,73%5D,"math-spectral-norm":%5B21,23,24,22,11,23,19,18,18,18%5D,"regexp-dna":%5B33,33,33,41,33,33,38,38,39,38%5D,"string-base64":%5B49,46,49,51,48,49,48,47,48,48%5D,"string-fasta":%5B122,117,138,121,122,124,113,115,121,117%5D,"string-tagcloud":%5B176,144,173,174,181,167,205,182,180,170%5D,"string-unpack-code":%5B143,159,165,143,155,166,140,142,138,141%5D,"string-validate-input":%5B54,52,53,83,50,52,51,52,51,78%5D%7D

  4. SPL PuroOne Reply

    1:18 "But sound is not working trough on my HDMI" you're lucky! You play that Big Buck Bunny is may have a copyright infridgements. you are pretty lucky today!

  5. The Runnin Bear Reply

    great work eta prime. I have a problem my android tv os isn't detecting my ethernet. Any way to solve this. Thanks

  6. Anthony Baker Reply

    Hi, I just downloaded this. Got it to work/boot up. My mouse won't work just keyboard. Can u help??? And was wondering if u could shine some light on how to install apps and or other programs. Can't find anything out there. Thanks.

  7. Lucien Nelson Reply

    How did you get root? Also does external drives show up in kodi for you?

  8. JacksaurusRex Reply

    Dang, this should fit my needs better then remix, great vid dude

  9. I'm kind of new in your channel. I just want to say that, it is very very good. Congratulations. Amazing work and great quality.

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