Math Puzzles – In this movie I will show how to update TextView every second. Thread t=new Thread(){ @Override public void run(){…


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  1. Единственный рабочий метод во всем инете, я 4 часа не мог найти решение данной проблемы.

  2. Salwaaa Thouir Reply

    I have an error related to runOnUiThread, (cannot resolve method 'runOnUiThread') how to fix it please?

  3. Larry Bryan Reply

    If I want to pass the counter to another activity and continue counting on that as I do?

  4. Nicolas Silva Reply

    i tried this with extends Thread and it didn't work, thanks for the video

  5. yaniv maor Reply

    thank , well explained and save me also 5 minutes to type the code !!!

  6. Liran Almog Reply

    Hello my friend.
    I am a big fan of your YouTube channel and learn a lot from you, 
    I have a strange problem and couldn't found an answer maybe you can help me?

    In Android studio I put 2 button one in right side and one on the left side..

    When I run the app on the emulator everything ok BUT when I run the app on my own phone the button switch sides.
    How can I fix it??
    Please help me. 

    Thank you so much.

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