The Android operating system is changing our lives in so many ways and also enabled enterprises to develop into big names in the IT business. It has the …




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    00:00:00 0 # Course Introduction
    00:01:32 1 # Introduction and Installing and Configuring Java JDK
    00:09:10 2 # How to install Android Studio
    00:17:46 3 # Building Your First Android App (Hello World Example)
    00:32:42 4 # Basic Overview of an Android App
    00:44:47 5 # Android Activity Lifecycle
    00:52:28 6 # Android Activity Lifecycle State change Example
    01:01:53 7 # Adding Two Numbers App (Simple Calculator)
    01:16:27 8 # wrap_content, fill_parent, Password Field and Toast in Android
    01:29:08 9 # Android Checkbox Basics and Example
    01:43:45 10 # Android RadioButton Basics With Example
    01:55:01 11 # Android RatingBar Basics
    02:05:08 12 # Android Alert Dialog Example
    02:18:01 13 # How to Start New Activity On Button Click via Intent
    02:30:14 14 # Android Analogclock And Digitalclock Example
    02:37:14 15 # Android Login Screen Example Part 1
    02:50:23 16 # Android Login Screen Example Part 2
    03:05:14 17 # Android ImageView example
    03:20:02 18 # Android ListView
    03:31:18 19 # SeekBar
    03:41:29 20 # Android WebView Example
    03:51:10 21 # Android Gestures (Using Touch Gestures)
    04:05:42 22 # Fragments in Android – Part 1
    04:20:28 23 # Fragments in Android – Part 2
    04:30:29 24 # Android AutoCompleteTextView Control
    04:38:22 25 # Android TimePicker
    04:45:48 26 # Android TimePicker Dialog ( TimePickerDialog )
    04:59:23 27 # Android DatePicker Dialog ( DatePickerDialog)
    05:13:04 28 # Showing Notifications and using NotificationManager
    05:23:24 29 # Action Bar (ActionBar)
    05:33:30 30 # Action Bar (ActionBar) # Overflow Menu Items and Icons
    05:46:14 31 # Add Up Button for Low-level Activities to Action Bar
    05:57:16 32 # Explicit and Implicit Intents in Android
    06:08:22 33 # Introduction to Services and Creating Started Service
    06:21:18 34 # Service and Thread in Android
    06:31:23 35 # Creating Service Using IntentService
    06:39:22 36 # Bound Services
    06:54:32 37 # Applying Styles on Components
    07:00:45 38 # Style inheritance in Android
    07:04:44 39 # How to Save a File on Internal Storage

  2. Please combine your visual basic courses as full tutorial and post it

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    Does skipping an ad means that the content creator would not receive the money they deserve? If that is so then i am a fool for skipping ads up till now…

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    Sir android seekhne ke liye java must be aani hi chahiye…

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    Thanks for posting this! Super helpful and even entertaining 😊

  6. yaswanth yashu Reply

    This is awesome …but I wish to add detailed explanation about predefined methods and interfaces and their features

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    I'm running on and AMD processor and can't install this HAXM component. What do i do?

  8. If there was a way to make thousand of likes I would have done that !!
    Thank you keep going !

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    I never skip ads for free tutorials. Thank you for the tutorial….

  10. It would be nicer if the pictures and wordings are readable.

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    Very good video. It's almost a Complete android studio app creating tutorial.

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    Sir please make a full video on 'cross platform mobile application development using xamarin'

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    Thank you for your tutorial. By the way, is there an emoji keyboard app tutorial?

  14. Mansi Gupta Reply

    sir please update your tutorial according to the new ide android studio version

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    hey in this video, is sqlite added?.. its not shown in index?

  16. Ayush Anand Srivastava Reply

    what basic knowledge should i have to start this course?

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    Are there any good Android developer tutorial videos that don't have a strong Indian accent? I need to be able to concentrate on the video without having to work out what is being said. It is a MAJOR distracttion.

  18. Lesley Kramer Reply

    Is there one of these videos with a more "neutral" (i.e. not a strong Indian) accent?

  19. Balajivs Subramanian Reply

    Many thanks. Really awesome. Non programmer also can learn android easily from this video.

  20. warrior100girl Reply

    thanks. Have a course this semester about app programing in cs. Could use some introduction. 😀 And this stupid Android Studio already cost me some nerves by telling me for 1hour git.exe is not found even with the right path. I pretty much had to reinstall git & Sourcetree complete new for like 10x. And then the git plug-in told me he can´t find bitbucket repos. Cost me another 1 hour to fix this. Turned out the internal terminal is kinda buggy when it comes to other git providers, at least some guy in the forums said this. Anyway thanks for the video.

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    Hello ProgrammingKnowledge, I have looked all of your 56 videos. I can say that I learned something new, I know and understand now some basics of Android Development and thank you for creating those tutorials, they were helpful. I can also say that I really like the android programming, have big interest here and I am looking forward to learn it as a PRO – actually, I would also like to find a job here.
    Can you give me some kind of advice, what should I look and learn next to make myself better and better, to go to one step bigger in this and prepare myself for my plans and what is today most attractive to work in android? 🙂
    Thank you in forward! 🙂

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    I love that video.

    But there is a ad which I face often. The udemy girl ad. where the girl just say "In udemy I learned {the_video_I_am_showing} language." anyone find this ad to?? its annoying

  23. sir how to write code if i making any other types of application please sugegst. which type of language should i have to learn for writing code. please help.

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    Compiling old tutorials and putting in single video…nice idea anyway…

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