There are six different layouts that can be used in android applications. 1) LinearLayout 2) RelativeLayout 3) TableLayout 4) TableRow 5) GridLayout 6) …


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  1. Caviar Life Reply

    sir ua all lectures are amazing u teach all over the basic core just small request that can u plz make a tutorial video for sending and receiving msgs from android msg app plz sir its hereby request.

  2. pratik wagh Reply

    When I drag button and drop it (using framelayout), grid (by default as you said) is not showing(at the time of hovering button on the design layout). Instead it's showing the whole parent size.

  3. Dipankar Ghosh Reply

    sir how could you draw the button?? and also it has been build it's corresponding code??

  4. Sheroth kar Reply

    sir don't take me wrong.who is aliens?what is the meaning fr aliens plzzz tell becoz u r welcoming as aliens.

  5. Shree Kulkarni Reply

    Sir please give the difference between constraint layout and regular layout which is better and how it is made by default while android studio starts


    Sir where is the code for the layout login registration activity

  7. how u have created the layout?where is the tutorial of the code part?

  8. atchut ram Reply

    what is the shortcut for commenting and uncommenting code?

  9. Gaurav Tyagi Reply

    hello sir first i want to tell you that your teaching method is awesome. the issue is that i follow all the steps to install android studio as you bt after that ii get an error that is Error:A problem occurred configuring project ':app'.
    > Could not download junit.jar (junit:junit:4.12)
    > Could not get resource ''.
    > Could not GET ''.
    Plz tell me appropiate solution..thanks.

  10. Mithun Kalvala Reply

    I learned the important stuff from this video, it is useful for me. Thanks 🙂

  11. Good Video Sir…you are doing a great Job..I am a big fan of your Java Tutorial Series…I wanted to learn Android but i am not getting the proper material for it and here comes your tutorial series for Android..thank you..I am looking forward to it.

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