How to play the media file located in a remote server using the file URL. Visit my blog : Like my Facebook page …




  1. Kacem Houache Reply

    good tutorial !!! man
    you have solved two issues

    how to play sound & how to play from google drive

    It is the best to modify the title of your video!.

  2. Harsha Vardhan Reply

    u need to use prepareAsync() instead of prepare() for remote media streams.

  3. Briant Ayala Reply

    if i want do it using a video in cloud store, what shold i do?

  4. sir please make video for add music in database and automatically listed in our app

  5. Pritesh Vishwakarma Reply

    i uploaded compressed video to my web server because video size was too much , but it is not playing in videoview , can you help me ?

  6. Ahmed Afifi Reply

    I don't understand why sometimes they don't post the source code?


    hello sir
    it's nice, I
    like it and plz provide a video that how can we gather all the music files at one place like music player

  8. Gautam Pansheriya Reply

    Pls Upload video for Xml pullparsing Using url…..

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