In this video we are going to learn about how to create an issue a simple notification for android version lower than 8.0. For android version 8.0 and above we …




  1. so how we show the notification on 10.00 version android mobile

  2. bruh maybe if you smash even harder on your keyboard people will enjoy your videos even more

  3. Keanu Dela Cruz Reply

    Please on drawable, ic_sms_notification: show its content.

  4. Fabiano Silva Reply

    I did not understand why my notification did not work, now i understand because my android version is > 8
    thank you very much

  5. Computer Science Tutorial Reply

    E/NotificationService: No Channel found for pkg=com.example.notificationex, channelId=Personal_Notification, id=1, tag=null,

  6. erick ramones Reply

    please include the link to the next video in the description box. It gets annoying looking for the next video. Thanks for the tutorial It was fun to watch it.

  7. Tarun Kantharia Reply

    notifications disappear after few seconds when we close app on marshmallow and lollipop. How to keep notification till user tap on it.

  8. Hugo Quiñónez Reply

    I get the erro message "developer warning failed to post notification on channel"
    any idea how to solve this?

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