In this video we are going to create a simple Android example application that demonstrate how to use Shared Preferences API for saving small size of data in …


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  1. Why do you have to recreate the SharedPreferencesConfig class each time you in new activity?
    It cause you to read from the device multiple times when it is not needed..

    Is there a way to pass the instance of the SharedPreferencesConfig to the new activity instead of recreating it again?

  2. sandhya verma Reply

    hello sir Good morning, sir call to api but API dotnet from

  3. jasperr V E Reply

    public void writeLoginStatus(boolean status){

    how can i use from this part +- 11:04 if it is no boolean but string ? :/ thanks ina dvance!

  4. Amit Kumar Reply

    great great great….. job sir u helped me a lot this tutorial was awesome

  5. Awesome, thank you so much for the help. Bless you 🙂🙏

  6. Matthew Mc Allister Reply

    There's a slight "backdoor" that exists with this,
    If an Intent Filter were to be added to the Success Activity, or perhaps another activity that would exist further down the line authentication could be bypassed by calling that action from ADB,
    There should be a statement in the onCreate() method of SuccessActivity that verifies the login state.

    Your tutorial is giving me great Insight into Android Development and It's really helping me, I would just like to see that vulnerabilities are explained too to help developers build more secure Apps

  7. Thank you sir. What is your laptop configuration ?. It works pretty fast sir.

  8. How can i use a session from login activity to my webview. So i can load home page of my website in webview after login in the log in activity.. Without login again in the website's login form in the web view

  9. Chinua Rose Reply

    U should’ve linked that xml login layout in the description or something

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