Updating Android 5 to Android 6. ——————— Music stuff: Rubix Cube by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license …




  1. Kiran Ahire Reply

    Sir I updated my phone but update is failing again and again, any solution plz.

  2. Danish Ali Reply

    My lg g3 shows error and does not update.
    Tell me the way to update it

  3. RTerry Adamos Reply

    I've already updated my android phone but after updating few hours later I wasn't able to open my phone. What should i do?

  4. i have lg stylo 3 plus but the country code is gon during update what to do now plz help

  5. कुमार उत्सव Reply

    My apps isn't optimising. They all unfortunately stop. What to do?

  6. Bluejellogaming Reply

    If I download the update will it make me lose all my data on my phone? Dose it give my phone more storage???

  7. Daisy'sFunGameAdventures Castillo Reply

    but everything is restart and your LTE is gone

  8. A mi me aparece eso i yo creo que es formatear el celular

  9. Baba Shahu Reply

    Good Night 💤🌙
    😊 Sweet Dream


    Last time i took this update,my phone kept restarting. so im not sure if i should take this or not.

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