Getting a great looking app doesn’t have to be hard: AppCompat, part of the Android Support Library, gives you a consistent design baseline that works on all …




  1. Andrew Scott Reply

    I really wish AppCompat was an automatic under the hood thing that not even developers had to mess with. Android has gotten so complex and obtuse that someone really needs to have a rethink about how it is done. Why can't we just sub class Actvity, set the min, max and target versions and let the framework figure it out compatibility for itself during compilation and install.

  2. Tomasz Hadam Reply

    No offense Ian but this video is not helpful. Conclusion is: use AppCompat theme because it is great. Ok… I believe but if you could make this video 6 – 7 minutes instead of 2:40 and go more into details it would be really great. Especially that official Android documentation with list of features says only TWO sentences about v7 appcompat library.

  3. Feliks Khantsis Reply

    Yea, but I don't want my app to look like Material Design on Eclair, it should look like other Eclair apps, so as to be consistent along the entire device, and probably Eclair design is much less resource intensive, more appropriate for the old devices.

    If anything, this video has pushed me off AppCompat

  4. So, I don't get this, my Android Studio is updated to version 1.2 but the basic templates activities keep extending from ActionBarActivity. I know I can change the templates manually but would rather use a default template. Any idea how can I get Android Studio to use the latest templates?

  5. Radu Savutiu Reply

    Just so you know, Google sample apps don't use AlertDialogs all the time, not even the app-compat ones. They theme new Activities into Dialogs so they are dismissable when clicking outside the non-parent-wrapping "Dialog" layout. They can thus create a "Card" looking Dialog, themed with Material, and way prettier than a Dialog.

  6. Akshay Rathee Reply

    Thank you for the explanation, but i have a problem, i am unable to see any of my icons in actionbar……..
    Can anyone help me?

  7. Anthony Soricelli Reply

    I couldn't focus on anything he was saying. Those eyebrows are too distracting O_O.

  8. your platform would be better than iOS in terms of coding if you focused on reducing boilerplate code, take a custom view for example, your android version of custom view sucks compared to the one that can be made by @IBDesignable, so much boilerplate code everywhere…This is one step towards it but you ll need several more

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