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  1. It's all about u Reply

    minSdkVersion 16

    targetSdkVersion 28

    versionCode 1

    versionName "1.0"

    please guide what i will do?

  2. alfatih mohamed Reply

    hello sir. how are you , i need to change the entire database system from firebase to MySQL. i rely need your help. thanks a lots. please reply me as soon 🙂

  3. Alexandru-Andrei Pintican Reply

    Can someone help me to integrate this Notifications on my UberClone made by EDMT Dev ?

  4. Khánh Linh Nguyễn Phạm Reply

    [package name].EDMMTDEV >> what "EDMMTDEV "? where?please thks.

  5. Ibad Ahmed Reply

    Not woking… It says "Developer Warning for Package: package name , cannot post notifcation to channel". I followed evey step properly but this error is not going.. Secondly i wanted to ask what you added in the string emt_channel_id after copying the package name? Help me as soon as possible please.

  6. Colliense Podder Prodip Reply

    When notifications or alarms are opened with the Alert dialog in >=marshmallow, then unfortunately it is closed. But the Lollipop version is going to it. How can i solve this problem.

  7. Arnoldo Rodas Perez Reply

    Do I can to mix this notification in self App to Android 5,6 and 7?. Im developing my first one to PlayStore but min level API is 21 but, i dont wanna make 2 diferentes Apps.

  8. the notification channel is created with "sound off" kindly assist.

  9. Marouane Tahachouite Reply

    if you are getting error nullpointer at the "showArrivedNotification function"
    you just need to initialize the NotificationHelper variable in the OnmessageReceived Fuction " helper = new NotificationHelper(this); "
    and thank you again EDMT Dev for these awesome tutorials 🙂

  10. Jatney Abrnts Reply

    So my facebook app after the update of it and the messenger it keeps showing notification like this developer warning for package "com.facebook.katana" failed to post notification on channel null this is the first time i excounter this problem thing but i still recieve notification but its annoying everytime i recieve that message pop ups pls help me how to fix it

  11. Deiva Jagannath Reply

    Hi, I have two sub applications inside one application, how can I control the notification dots as per the sub application?

  12. Vignesh Waran Reply

    Bro this code is not working for my mobile my mobile is API 27

  13. Ittipon Kankaew Reply

    Can we use.setcontentText more than one ?


  14. Dalwinder Singh Reply

    Sir please tell me how to read notification on click it

  15. Khaja Nawaz Reply

    How to fix this Warning: Quick Boot / Snapshots not supported on this machine. A CPU with EPT + UG features is currently needed.

  16. Bartłomiej Działo Reply

    The knowledge you share is surely valuable and appreciated, and I do not mean to be whining, but you really could consider doing it in a neat way. Not just using notepad, but also putting space before each comma… man, the cringe gets out of control here.

  17. peter nucom Reply

    sorry for the noob question but i need to clear it in my mind, will it work in lower android version like Marshmallow? THANKS IN ADVANCE

  18. How can i add buttons that corresponds to different tasks?
    For example i need to add a button "Happy" that sets a mymood="Happy" and another one Sad that set mymood="Sad".
    Thanks for your help, i've been strugling doing it.

  19. My app has stopped while i running my application please tell the issue, I followed your entire notification video. And i am using oreo emulator device please help me..

  20. Eric Cassells Reply

    Very nice tutorial but it did not work correctly for me. I am using a 1+ 5, it even disabled my notifications and my home and current apps button. I don't want to be negative but just to let people know if they experience the same. I was able to resolve it by using this

    I am not laying blame or anything here as it is most likely something I did but felt it worthy of a comment. Keep up the nice tutorials.

  21. Sunil Sharma Reply

    nice but the notification shows white color not the color set

  22. Andika Putra Reply

    Hello, How I can implement this notification channel to my application that based on your tutorial on Order Foods part 22? What must I change or delete? Thank you

  23. kevin Ronald Reply

    How to add notification channel using firebase notification ??

  24. tousif ahmad Reply

    I have been following u since many days and also requesting you that please make some tutorials or projects with Mysql or its unfortunate that you are referring other people requests but not mine.

  25. Bạn có thể hướng dẫn làm đăng nhập Zalo để lấy thông tin không . xin cảm ơn .

  26. Hamza Ashraf Reply

    Please make a tutorial on Real time gps location tracking ass i have already suggest you
    Please make a tutorial on this ASAP
    Thanks In Advance

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