Assalam o Alaikum Friends in this tutorial i will show you how to create Music Player Application using Android Studio.
In this application we Read Songs/Music from Phone Memory and show into List View .

Also we create a Professional Looking Music Player User-interface for our app .. so enjoy this video and learn more.

Runtime Permission Dexter Library

Music Player Complete Source Code

Music Player Playlist
Part 1 :
Part 2:
Part 3:



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  1. chetan gudigar Reply

    bhai app read nhi ker rha hai songs ko aur jab mai allow ker deta hu permission app mai 4 sec baad crash hojata hai plz help???and it crashes without giving any error??

  2. Sebastian Alin Sălcianu Reply

    Nice – it's works , create a list with all files that have '.mp3' extension.

  3. Vijith Viswambharan Reply

    I've got errors after adding the dependency…

  4. dude, why you didn't use recyclerview and card view.. it's okay if it could have more complicated, i want to use all the things now what should i do..

  5. Hassan Naqvi Reply

    Music Player Application developed by me…I am app developer of Android and iOS if some one needs help or source code but paid then let me know…FIrst install this app.. Good Application theme and based on new idea of mine


  6. Suraj Kumar Kushavaha Reply

    How to Resolve the Problem Error:(26, 0) Could not find method implementation() for arguments [com.karumi:dexter:6.0.1] on object of type org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl.dependencies.DefaultDependencyHandler.

  7. Mudassar HUSSAIN Reply

    Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory is not working…plz help.

  8. Dice Vehicles Reply

    Bhai mene yhe dusre project me add kiya….. But jab songs pe Jaa raha hu to PlayerActivity on hi nhi ho raha h and automatic main activity open ho raha h….. Esa kyu

  9. Absar Ahmad Reply

    brother why have you used list view instead if recycler view when we know that recycler view is much more efficient to use in a layout where data in bulk can be retrieved by the user? thanks

  10. Muhammad Taqaddus Reply

    first of all thankx
    it's very helpfull tutorial..
    but when we next the song the player is stopped and again show list.

  11. Sim. Maniyar Reply

    Sir i am getting…at runtime as..error:package andriod.R does not exist….i was tried many things to resolve it bt its nt working so plz help me out..

  12. MiBi Vlogs Reply

    my app just crash after permission and i use android.R.layout as well
    so what can i do???

  13. mursaleen khan Reply

    sir please reply me
    mujy qout symble jo ap ne use kya hin ow nhi mil raha mujy

  14. ARSL Tech hi and thank you
    we need VPN app if you can do it

  15. My app just crashed after reading the permission .
    Please reply!

    Also where is (R.layout.simple_list_item_1 )??

  16. Katakam Sai Koushik Reply

    Sir I can't able to get new permission in with listener?

  17. Prakash Ranjan Reply

    i got errors in adding dexter library..
    it shows there is mismatch in versions or sdk related issue
    please reply

  18. Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.Object.toString()' on a null object reference

  19. E/netmgr: WifiForwarder unable to open QEMU pipe: Invalid argument

  20. Failed to find provider info for

  21. hi bro ap yeay nhi batay ki

    if(singleFile.getName().endsWith(".mp3")) ||

    ehapar eroor kese solv kya

  22. GAMING MONSTER 94 Reply

    Bhai song duration kyse add kare.jase currentTime and totalTime. Help

  23. Vishal Dhameliya Reply

    myListViewForSongs = (ListView) findViewById( isme "mySongListView" Red line me aata he toh ise me kaise solve karu? please reply

  24. Nitin Khanka Reply

    How to get read external storage permission in a fragment (here you wrote the permission code in main activity and i want to write same code in a fragment) what should i do?? Plz reply me

  25. It gives an error xannot resolve symbol value how can i fix that ?????

  26. Su&Sh United Reply

    Bht acha ta bhi ..lekin mujhe song list nhi milta even i do correct the code as you did several times..

  27. Mahiboob Bk Reply

    Bhut bdiya bhai Mike 1ayesa app btaa jo me mobile me music play karke koi dusre device yani car player FM me connect krna app btaa (wireless connect yani FM frequency sse connect hoo jyesa Nokia X2 02 Mobile me oppsetions h

  28. Visto Septiano Reply

    when i allow the permission the song is not showing, pls help

    this is the display code:

    void display() {
    final ArrayList<File> mySongs = findSong(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory());

    items = new String[mySongs.size()];

    for (int i=0;i<mySongs.size(); i++) {

    items[i] = mySongs.get(i).getName().toString().replace(".mp3", "").replace(".wav", "");


    ArrayAdapter<String> myAdapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(this,android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1,items);

    i already declared it on the on the onpermissionsGranted but it still not showing, pls help me

  29. Venkatesh Chowdary Reply

    Library is not getting added in my project it gives me a error code I'm using Android studio 3.4 version

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