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  2. Kiran Joishi Reply

    Hello Sathya sir, what is that NDK you said about in the library session which creates a .so file?

  3. Shyamal Bhatt Reply

    "while installing SDK platforms i am getting a error saying "android studio installation did not complete successfully, see the ide logs for details"
    can anybody help me out with this

  4. shaan usmani Reply

    (Reply Fast Please) Hello sir i have a question if my motherboard support (vr) so is it possible can i use gyroscope in pubg pc

  5. Just Entertainment Reply

    Sir how would I install the various SDK platforms like Android jellybean 4.1 4.2 and all. I qm unable to install. Plz help me sir..

  6. Dheena De' Che Reply

    Hatts off ur ! ur sucha grt mentor !! keep up ! way more too go

  7. hi there. am frm science background.can i learn how to develop an app. is it that difficult for me? is this course useful for me to work frm home jobs?

  8. AFAQUE JAYA Reply

    sir getting error while installing package of sdk help me on this…

  9. Hrithik Nitish Reply

    I have lots of confusion at the time of working on android app development is that how i manage the both code xml and mostly java code with each other

  10. anonymous_pearl777 Reply

    Is it compulsory to use java 8? We can even use java 11 right?

  11. vicky mamgai Reply

    Can Commerce students do this android app development course

  12. Anushree Ande Reply

    i have macbook air 2015…is it compatible for android studio…will i face any issue while using

  13. upender chary chennoju Reply

    The way you explained is Awesome and you were on point trying to explain the max possible. Please do more of this kind, so that everyone can gain some knowledge.

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