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  1. Priyanshi Ms Reply

    Hi I was using this in my app to create a app tour.I want to focus on keyboards enter key .Any Idea how to do it?

  2. Nathan Woolmore Reply

    Hi thanks for the Tutorial, keep it up 🙂 I have a question, probably a stupid one but how can I set a 'target' for this, I can't seem to get this to work outside of highlighting what is clicked on.

  3. parisa alamshahi Reply

    i have an error when add the library. android studio show this error after sync. error: Failed to resolve: com.github.faruktoptas:FancyShowCaseView:1.0.1

  4. khashayar Mirzaei Reply

    perfect but hide doesn't delete the show case if you hit button again it will add on old one

  5. mahdi shoj Reply

    Hello Master
      Explain what I should do if the (Tap Targets) are displayed only in the first run of the program and that they will not be displayed every time.
      Thanks lot

  6. Jose Manuel Duran Reply

    how can i do this when i open the aplication for firsy time? only the first time, one example of instructions

  7. Tiago Palmas Reply

    is it possible to focus a menuItem? i tried to pass as a view using getactionview() but didnt work. Thanks

  8. Thank you! I am trying to make a tutorial page so that, when "help" is clicked, the focus function focuses on one button on the home screen. Upon clicking the screen again, the focus changes to the next button; and so on until the last click brings the user back to the "settings" activity (in which the "help" button is located). Do you have any suggestions for this?

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