In this Tutorial i will show you guys how to make chat app using SocketIO which uses Socket Server deployed on Heroku and I’m using Node.js for the Server.

1. Git :
2. Node :

My Github Repo :

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  1. Byron Houwens Reply

    I get "Could not resolve" when trying to build with sockets for Android

  2. Pushpendra Singh Reply

    Hello Sir
    Very Nice Video… 👌
    I want to know how can we implement random connection. Like I'm opening app in 2 different devices and I'll put a button "connect user" so when I'll click on that button in both devices at the same time then they can connect eachother. So how can i implement this random connection.
    And please also mention that how can I make voice call in this.
    Plz reply 🙏

  3. Fuck anyone who records a 20+ minute "tutorial" with NO voiceover and all music.

  4. Hello. Can we make the android-client side in javascript and not in java?

  5. Wasi Sadman Reply

    while i press the join button … it couldn't connect with the heroku server… can you give us some cases related to this error?

  6. Ankit Rawat Reply

    will this application work on real android device, i mean that Apk file?

  7. Hi, what type of database used here? Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

  8. Andritow Mega Reply

    its working with ibm cloud but I do not understand anything about how to make the socket :v

  9. Sindhu Bhat Reply

    sir can u send the code please….

  10. xblceriyvolk Reply

    Is it possible to create a nickname and then click continue and then see ALL messages ever sent? Instead of seeing nothing except "user connected"

  11. xblceriyvolk Reply

    Why is it that when I exit app, I have to create a nickname again?

  12. Đạt Trần Reply

    Hi bro, thanks your video! But i cant connect to the server?

  13. Noel Guevarra Reply

    Is it possible to run the socket io in a localhost server usng node js???

  14. Ahtasham Ul Hassan Reply

    I have run your code, but its no runing, app open and close.

  15. Ravi Joshi Reply

    Not working in local host
    What changes, I have to apply to run locally .

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